What the World Was Watching: WWF Prime Time Wrestling – July 9, 1990

Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan host tonight’s program.

Randy Savage’s win over Jim Brunzell on the recent episode of Superstars is shown.  Monsoon and Heenan must like Brunzell as they cover for his short loss by saying that he lost to an elite competitor that most superstars would struggle against.

Gene Okerlund’s Update segment hypes Hulk Hogan’s upcoming announcement this weekend about his future.  Afterward, Monsoon argues that if Hogan comes back at fifty percent, he would still be better than most members of the Heenan Family.  Heenan disagrees and says that Hogan is going to play a big con on the fans.

Tito Santana (12-5-1) pins Pez Whatley after the flying forearm at 3:03:

Lord Alfred Hayes does his best to play up Whatley’s credentials, praising the faintest bit of offense as something that would vault the jobber into title contention.  Santana works basic moves, using a dropkick to setup the flying forearm, defeating Whatley for the second time this year.

Mr. Perfect’s squash from Wrestling Challenge airs.  Afterward, Heenan proposes using Prime Time as a vehicle to air nothing but matches from Perfect, Rick Rude, the Barbarian, and Haku.  Monsoon turns the discussion to the “Get Well & Come Back Soon, Hulk!” sign that hands in the studio.  He alleges that it was found in the trash can of the women’s restroom.  Monsoon asks Heenan what he was doing there, but before Heenan can respond we go to the next segment.

Demolition’s interview with Okerlund on Wrestling Challenge is shown.

Jake Roberts (14-1) defeats Paul Diamond (1-4) with the DDT at 2:26:

Roberts goes back to the red and yellow tights, but no word is given on whether he is expressing support for Hulk Hogan.  Diamond scores a near-fall after an elbow to the face, and Roberts blocks a whip out of the corner and uses his short-arm clothesline to setup the DDT.  Afterward, Roberts dumps Damien on Diamond as the crowd goes wild.

Heenan complains after the match that it is ridiculous that Roberts gets to dump a snake on opponents because the WWF would never let one of his wrestlers bring an animal to the ring to attack their adversaries.

Promo time with Sean Mooney!  Akeem’s promo from last week is replayed because Mooney implies he is booked to face the Ultimate Warrior on house shows.  Hercules tells the locker room that his schedule is open for all comers.  He calls out Dino Bravo and Haku for future matches.

Tugboat (14-0) pins Tony Burton after a splash off the second rope at 2:01:

Tugboat toots in between moves, racking up an easy win over Burton to keep his unbeaten streak going.

Monsoon floats the possibility of Slick teaming Akeem with the Warlord.  The problem with the idea is that it would derail the Warlord’s singles push.

Akeem (7-4-1) beats Brady Boone after a splash at 9:11:

There is a significant size discrepancy between the two combatants, but Boone uses his agility to keep Akeem off balance early.  Like his match against the Warlord two weeks ago, Boone lasts longer than most jobbers and endures a lot of methodical offense.  A sloppy body press off the ropes almost gives Boone the match, but Akeem blocks a monkey flip out of the corner and flattens the smaller man with a splash.  Akeem’s willingness to play ball and sell Boone’s offense made this watchable, but viewers have no reason to be invested in Boone because he has never been presented as a winner.

A replay of the Brother Love segment with Nikolai Volkoff on Superstars is shown.

Monsoon encourages fans to buy tickets to WWF house shows.  Heenan responds by saying “How about them Cubs?”

The Orient Express’ squash from Wrestling Challenge airs, along with Paul Roma aiding Hercules after the bout.  Heenan warns that Hercules is an awful wrestler because he will not listen to instruction, necessitating Heenan slapping him around on a regular basis.  Monsoon does not believe any of that.

Koko B. Ware (10-2) defeats Buddy Rose after a bulldog at 1:46:

This is a fun blitz match as Rose believes his own legend of weighing 217 pounds and matches Ware’s speed move-for-move.  Unfortunately for him, that stalls him out and Ware uses the bulldog – the new finisher he is aiming to get over –  to defeat the bigger jobber.  The victory is Ware’s sixth straight.

In the studio, Heenan makes fun of Ware’s theme song, saying it must have taken a genius lyricist to write “Bird, bird, bird.”  In his opinion, the quality of the song is nowhere close to what Rhythm & Blues can cook up.

The Warlord (w/Slick) (8-0) defeats Gary Jackson after a running powerslam at 1:28:

Jackson entered the wrestling business in 1984, working as an enhancement talent for Central States Wrestling.  In 1985, he started working for the WWF in that capacity.  As of 2021, Jackson still wrestles on the Illinois independent scene at the age of sixty-one.

In the split screen, the Warlord and Slick scream about how the Warlord wants to create havoc and destroy people.  The Warlord does not create much havoc in this match, but he does destroy Jackson with a vertical suplex and running powerslam.

More promos with Mooney!  The Orient Express and Mr. Fuji promise to make anyone suffer, including WWF Tag Team Champions Demolition.  Booking that series on house shows is odd since both teams are heels.  Jake Roberts’ previous promo against Bad News Brown airs again.

Jimmy Snuka (8-2) defeats Haku (w/Bobby Heenan) (2-2-1) via disqualification when Heenan interferes at 10:01 shown:

Tonight’s feature bout took place in Dayton, Ohio at a Superstars taping on June 25.  One surprising feature of the match is Haku offering a handshake in the early going and not attacking when Snuka accepts it.  Haku’s offense is limited in the heat segment, defaulting to restholds.  Snuka shows decent fire in the comeback, but his movements are not as crisp as they once were and he seems to be going through the motions.  An effort at a Superfly Splash draws a predictable disqualification finish as the WWF aims to protect all their name talents.  Rating:  *½

After the bout, Snuka gets his hands on Heenan and chops him a few times to the crowd’s delight.

The Last Word:  Storyline development is not something that Prime Time Wrestling usually did and this telecast was no exception.  The Event Center promos set up some curious bookings if Sean Mooney is to be believed, as the Ultimate Warrior is unlikely to draw well against Akeem, who barely beat a jobber on this telecast, and Demolition are promoted as facing the Orient Express at some undetermined time.

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