Russo Leaving for WCW in 99

Russo has claimed that he left for WCW because he was burnt out from having to write Smackdown as well as RAW.  But when he went to WCW, wasn't he doing the same thing having to write Nitro and Thunder?  If Bischoff hadn't been fired the month earlier, do you
think Russo stays with the WWF, or does he just leave the business altogether.

Also did WCW think of anyone else other than Russo and Ferrera when Bischoff was sent home prior to Fall Brawl 99?

I know this will come as a shock, but Vince Russo is kind of a liar.  And Bischoff getting sent home was a complete clusterfuck where they had no clue what to do with the booking for weeks afterwards.  It ended up getting run by a lame duck committee for a while and there's no evidence they had any good ideas for a replacement until they fell ass backwards into Russo.