RIP Vance Middle School

Reading the comments in the “City with the Most Pivotal Moments,” one of your readers mentioned the legendary Vance Middle School, which on January 10, 2014 (yes I looked it up) hosted an electric night of TNA Wrestling.

Well, as a resident of the city it resided in (Bristol, TN), I feel it is my duty to inform you and your readers that Vance Middle School is no more. After the prior school year ended, a brand new middle school opened in Bristol, and after 50+ years, Vance is slowly getting the wrecking ball. (They'd really get the wrecking ball if the new school wasn't directly behind the old one.)

So feel free to pour a 40, or befitting a middle school, a Capri Sun in honor of Vance Middle School. No word if Impact Wrestling will grace the new school anytime soon, but if they'd did, the showers do work.
So many memories.  Not for me personally though.