Next AEW Champions


     Looking ahead 3-6 months from now, what are the big matches / feuds for titles that you see coming that end in a title change?  

      Omega loses to _________?  (my guess is Bryan, I know Page is still a lot of people's choice)
      Guevara loses to_________? (gotta be MJF, right?  Malakai Black?)
      Lucha Bros lose to _________? (I'd guess FTR but not sure)
      Britt Baker loses to _________? (Rosa seems to be the popular option, but wouldn't shock me if they go with Jade Cargill since they are huge on her)

I still think Bryan is the guy to beat Kenny.  Page can get it down the line.  MJF seems like a good call to dethrone Sammy, or maybe even Wardlow.  I think Santana & Ortiz are the ones to beat the Lucha Bros.  And yeah I'd go with Rosa when they finally want to take the belt off Britt, but that's very long term. Maybe Tay Conti will even be ready by then.