Blog of DOOM Daily News Update – 5th October 2021

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

I’m thinking of giving SkateBIRD a go on the Switch, if only because my sister recently got me a Nintendo voucher and it looks wacky enough that I might actually enjoy it. I know it’s received mixed reviews for the most part. If you’ve played it then please comment below.

Konami’s most recent footy game is apparently an absolute disaster. It’s so Konami that the one game series that they hadn’t yet run into the ground in PES has now been ruined too, because Konami is the worst.

Scheduled today on the Blog: Dave Newman had a new NJPW article up yesterday that I neglected to plug, whilst Rock Star Gary also posted a review of Wrestle Rock 86, so go give those a read in order to soothe my guilty conscience please. Thomas should have the Raw review up by the time you read this. Scott will have something exciting on the docket too, as well as his WWF Superstars review from 1994 that he posted yesterday

Now some news from Cultaholic

Security doesn’t like CM Punk doing stage dives

I loved one of the recent Botchamanias where a dude in the crowd offered Punk some beer and then remembered that he doesn’t drink

Jon Moxley and Jimmy Jacobs will be having a match

I reckon that should be entertaining

USA Network apparently likes NXT 2.0

You just know Vince is sitting in his office now thinking “That ought to hold the little S.O.B’s”

How stretchy is a Stretch Armstrong amongst other things? Let’s find out!

Can we talk about how cute Courtney Miller is btw? Damn!

Have a gooden everyone!