Blog of DOOM Daily Thread – 4th October 2021

Happy Monday Everyone!

I skipped on getting FIFA last year but I think I’ll pick it up this week just to see if I can get into it again. In the past it’s been my go-to “have a game to play whilst I listen to music/podcasts” so it could fulfil that role again for me.

Scheduled today on the Blog: we’ve got another Joshi Spotlight from Jabroniville and some more WWF from 1990 courtesy of Logan. I’m sure Scott will have something exciting planned for us too

I’m writing this Sunday night and there isn’t actually any new news stories over on Cultaholic, so I think I’ll give the news section a miss today and just post an extra YouTube video.

OSW Review have reviewed Alien

I have the Blu-ray of this movie actually but still haven’t got around to watching it

Like KFC? Well here’s every KFC ever

Have a gooden everyone!