Blog of DOOM Daily News Update – 2nd October 2021

Happy Saturday Everyone!

I’m bunged up with a bit of a cold at the moment, so I’ll be taking it easy this weekend. I’ve done a test and it came back negative, so I don’t think I’ve bought a ticket to the Backstreet Boys Reunion Tour, but I’ll stay in for the next couple of days anyway just as a precaution.

I managed to catch Rampage and I enjoyed it. What I like about it as a show is that they don’t try and cram too much into it. They have an hour to work with and they produce and hours’ worth of content. It’s very different from when TNA only had an hour for Impact and yet still tried to book two hours’ worth of stuff anyway.

Scheduled today on the Blog: Thomas has got both Rampage and Smackdown reviews already posted. Scott should have his Rampage review coming later today. I’ve done a review of WWF No Mercy 1999 (The one with Hardyz/E&C ladder match) coming later today as well

Now some news from Cultaholic

Bobby Fish will  be working for MLW

No joke, when my friend and I started watching EVOLVE from the beginning Bobby Fish was our guy and we always cheered him on

Women’s match will be happening at Saudi Series

When does Big Steph get her Nobel prize?

Night 1 of the Draft is in the bag

Kind of unsure why they are so desperate to keep certain guys on opposite shows (won’t spoil who I’m talking about)

Regards the Draft and Brand Split…

Have a gooden everyone!