NXT UK – September 30, 2021

Date: September 30, 2021
Location: BT Studios, London, England
Commentators: Andy Shepherd, Nigel McGuinness

We’re back to the show that just kind of exists but still does enough good things to be one of the best wrestling shows going. This time around we get a visit from one of the best tag teams the show has ever seen as Moustache Mountain is getting back together. Other than that, the road to the Heritage Cup #1 Contenders tournament continues, because it can never end. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Oliver Carter/Ashton Smith vs. Moustache Mountain

Tyler Bate slams Carter down to start and Trent Seven comes in for a spinning slam. Carter takes him down by the arm though and it’s off to Smith to work on the arm. Seven gets slammed down onto some raised boots and we hit the quickly broken chinlock. Back up and Seven takes over on Smith, allowing Bate to…miss the flipping splash off of Seven’s shoulders. Bate is back with the airplane spin and now the flipping splash from Bate’s shoulders connects for two.

Seven powerbombs Smith out of the corner and hits the Emerald Flosion for two more. It’s back to Bate for a German suplex but Smith flips out and hits a Lionsault to a standing Bate for another two. Bop and Bang drops Smith for two as Symbiosis comes out to watch. Bate gets backdropped onto the floor but here are Jack Starz and Dave Mastiff to cut Symbiosis off. Back in and a superkick gets two on Bate but Seven pulls Carter outside for a dragon suplex. That leaves Bate to hit an apron German suplex on Smith (geez), setting up the rebound lariat/dragon suplex combination to finish Smith at 9:59.

Rating: B-. This was the kind of match that can help Carter and Smith go a long way, even in defeat. They made the famous team sweat and that is more than most teams can do. Moustache Mountain is in a weird place as they are too big of a deal to be a team without the title reign but no one can really come off as a threat to them. That leaves them as singles wrestlers, which isn’t going to be the best news for Smith. At least they’re good when they get together though, which was the case here.

Jinny and Joseph Conners don’t have much to say but Emilia McKenzie comes up. They run into Emilia McKenzie and Jinny mocks her, but McKenzie keeps training. Sounds like the next step towards McKenzie challenging Meiko Satomura for the Women’s Title.

Jack Starz and Dave Mastiff are interrupted by Nina Samuels who is trying to have her own talk show. They aren’t interested, but Samuels goes into a rant about Isla Dawn.

Dani Luna vs. Xia Brookside

They go with the grappling to the mat to start with Brookside having to slip out of a waistlock. Brookside tries to pick up the pace but her crossbody is caught in midair. A headscissors is countered into a faceplant though and Luna grabs a suplex for two. The armbar goes on to keep Brookside in trouble but she reverses another suplex into a small package for two of her own. Now it’s a crossface chickenwing to stay on Brookside’s shoulder but this time she fights up and hits a middle rope hurricanrana. Some running dropkicks put Luna in trouble for a change and a neckbreaker gives Brookside two. What looks like a Codebreaker is countered into a World’s Strongest Slam and a fall away slam. Luna flips a fireman’s carry into a sitout powerbomb for the pin at 5:37.

Rating: C-. This was power vs. speed and it worked well enough for a short match. Brookside’s downward trend continues but it is nice to see Luna getting somewhere. I’m not sure how much a win over Brookside really means, but a Brookside heel turn in the future would not surprise me. I’m jut not sure how well it would work.

Video on Blair Davenport being suspended but raiding the ring anyway.

Stevie Turner wants Davenport reinstated but Sid Scala will only think about it.

Sam Gradwell doesn’t like Mark Andrews, who comes in for the pull apart fight.

Josh Morrell vs. Charlie Dempsey

This is Dempsey’s debut (if you don’t count a one off match) and he is an old school technical guy. Dempsey takes him down without issues and works on the wrist in a variety of ways. After escaping a quick armbar, it’s a monkey flip to put Morrell down and we hit the pinfall reversal sequence. A Fujiwara armbar has Morrell screaming and Dempsey switches into a kneebar.

With that broken up, Dempsey sends him into the corner and comes out with a suplex for two. Morrell hits a kind of flipping powerbomb but Dempsey is back with a German suplex for two more. An armbar sets up…well it looked like a cover with Morrell’s head hooked but Dempsey bent the lower half of the bent knee down and grasped his hands, making it something like a cover into a surfboard? Either way, Morrell taps at 6:13.

Rating: C. It was a fine debut with some crazy good submission stuff, though I’m going to need a name for that finisher so I don’t have to try and describe it every time. They have something with the submission master in Dempsey, who looks just simple enough to seem like a threat. Nice start here, with the finish looking creative and deadly.

We get a sitdown interview between Ilja Dragunov and A-Kid. Dragunov talks about beating Walter but A-Kid talks about having experience. A-Kid isn’t interested in picking a fight and asks what would have happened if Dragunov had been forced to face everyone instead of one man. We get Shayna Baszler’s tap, nap or snap line and A-Kid talks about knowing that Dragunov is going to lose his temper. Dragunov promises to keep the title in two weeks.

Noam Dar and Wolfgang talk about what it means to win the Heritage Cup. Dar isn’t quite as serious. The tournament final is next week.

Here’s what’s coming next week.

Joe Coffey vs. Jordan Devlin

Gallus is here with Coffey. Feeling out process to start with Devlin working on the wrist to limited avail. Coffey grabs a hammerlock so Devlin uses a flying mare to escape. A test of strength can’t keep Devlin down but he is shocked when Coffey flips over into the standoff. The headlock takeover works a bit better for Devlin but Coffey fights out in a hurry. Coffey hits him in the face and clotheslines Devlin outside.

Back in and Coffey gets two off a side slam before cutting off a comeback with a running elbow to the face. Devlin crotches him in the corner though and there’s a Backstabber to take him down. A running legdrop gets two on Coffey but he’s strong enough to block a backslide attempt.

Devlin is back with a release Rock Bottom into a standing moonsault but he takes too much time MOCKING THE GALLUS POSE, allowing Coffey to launch him into the corner. The springboard spinning crossbody gives Coffey two but Devlin counters All The Best For The Bells with a Spanish Fly. Mark Coffey offers a distraction though, allowing Wolfgang to grab Joe’s hand. The delay lets Joe score with All The Best For The Bells and the pin at 11:35.

Rating: B. The ending was a bit unnecessary but I guess they were going for the strength in numbers. That’s a little weird when Devlin was the heel the whole time and Gallus has been leaning face for weeks, but at least they had a good match to get here. I could go for more of this and there is a good chance that they aren’t done.

Devlin yells a lot to end the show.

Overall Rating: B. Another good show here as they had a pair of pretty awesome bookending matches, which is more than you should expect in an hour long show. The talent is here and they have set up the title match in two weeks, but it would still be nice to have SOMETHING to look forward to. Getting fans back will help, but a Takeover would help even more. Still though, another solid week, which isn’t even a surprise anymore.


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