Blog of DOOM Daily News Update – 1st October 2021

Happy Friday Everyone!

Pinch, Punch, First of the Month!

I’ve just recently realised that a new Baki is up on UK Netflix. No idea how long it’s been there (I’m thinking a month or so) but I’ll probably binge it over the next few days. It’s not like I watch a tonne of anime or anything like that, but Baki is always something I’ll go out of my way to see because it’s just so darn nutty

Scheduled today on the Blog: Andy PG posted his Indie thread last night. I’m sure Scott will have something later on. J.W. will be looking at a PWI from 1985. Logan has got some WWF from 1990

Now some news from Cultaholic

Nick Jackson Vs Bryan Danielson scheduled for Rampage

I think that will be fun

The demo’s have dropped on NXT 2.0

I do think making the show Raw junior was a mistake. I don’t see why they couldn’t just book it and present it more in line with classic NXT whilst featuring guys that meet Vince McMahon’s narrow of definition or what constitutes a sports entertainer

Sasha Banks will be on Smackdown

I think we might need to worry about Bianca if she gets squeezed out in favour of Banks Vs Lynch

Baki trailer if you’re interested

Have a gooden everyone!