Blog of DOOM Daily News Update – 30th September 2021

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Writing this Wednesday night whilst Barcelona are potentially going to lose to Benfica for only the second time in their history. My heart aches for Ronald Koeman, the moon faced plum.

Up early for work tomorrow but I’ll try and get up a bit earlier than usual so that I can catch some of Dynamite before I have to head out.

Scheduled today on the Blog: Thomas and Scott should likely have some Dynamite reviews up by the time you read this. There’s still time to catch up on the reviews from yesterday too, with my review of ROH 2003, Jabronivilles Dream Matches and Logan’s review of WWF from 1990 all being a lorra lorra fun chuck!

News from Cultaholic

Cody insists that his Grand Slam gear wasn’t modelled on Homelander

I’ve never actually seen The Boys, so I’ll take his word for it I guess

Alex Shelley addresses his Impact Wrestling status

Sounds like he’s focusing on his real-life job more these days, which is cool. If Britt Baker is anything to go by then he could probably still do both if he were to sign with AEW

Dynamite last night was dedicated to Brodie Lee

It hasn’t actually happened yet as of me writing that, but I’m thinking AEW will play it straight and just do a nice tribute. If not then feel free to comment about it below

Time for a new Zero Punctuation

Have a gooden everyone!