What the World Was Watching: WWF Superstars – June 30, 1990

Vince McMahon and Jesse Ventura commentate today’s action, still coming from Binghamton, New York.

Rick Rude’s squash from Prime Time Wrestling against Jim Powers is the first match.

Gene Okerlund’s Update segment shows Tugboat act like he is five years old, expressing his joy at the letters sent to Hulk Hogan.  He reads a letter from a kid in California who says he loved Hogan and is wearing his friendship bracelet until Hogan comes back.  Then fans are shown talking about Hogan, with some saying he should come back and others saying he should stay away to avoid further injury.

The Bushwhackers (14-0) defeat Bob Bradley & Mike Sharpe when Butch pins Bradley after a double stomachbreaker at 3:36:

Ventura likens the Bushwhackers walk to what he sees older women doing on the West Coast to stay in shape every morning.  The commentary team does not mention the Bushwhackers feud with Rhythm & Blues, so that program appears to be running out of steam.  Bradley tries to play dirty by biting Luke, but the spot does not look convincing, and Luke barely sells it.  A Battering Ram and double stomachbreaker finish Bradley off.  As goofy as the Bushwhackers are, they are a big crowd favorite in Binghamton as fans are excited to hug and rub the Bushwhackers heads after the match.

Boris Zhukov (2-3) pins Brady Boone after a clothesline to the back of the head at 2:32:

Boone catches Zhukov off guard by rolling him into several pinning combinations to start, but a few strikes turns the momentum in the Russian’s favor.  In the split screen, Zhukov talks about how he hates July 4 in the United States, and he will hunt Volkoff down so he will not be able to celebrate it.  The finish is good as Boone flips off the rope, celebrates, and Zhukov smashes him in the back of the head with a clothesline.  After the bell, Zhukov wears Boone out with his boot.  This was Zhukov’s best match of the year because of Boone flipping and flying all over the place.

Ted DiBiase and Virgil are in Cobb County, talking to the Big Bossman’s old football coach.  The coach says the Bossman was on the team, but he could not move well or tackle, so his position was guarding the water bucket on the sideline.  DiBiase closes the segment by screaming about how the Bossman is a hick and he and his people have a price.

Tugboat (11-0) pins Dale Wolfe after a splash off the second rope at 1:33:

Dino Bravo does a split screen promo, telling fans to quit sending in letters because Tugboat cannot read.  He adds that he hates men that cry.  Wolfe lasts longer in the ring than he did the last time against Tugboat in February but not by much.  Tugboat modifies his finisher by coming off the second rope to win.

Mr. Perfect and Bobby Heenan are guests on this week’s Brother Love Show.  They run down Brutus Beefcake’s looks and Perfect tells Beefcake that if he is more focused on cutting his hair, then he is missing the point because the Intercontinental Championship is what matters more.  Perfect argues that Beefcake will never wear the title nor cut his hair.

Dusty Rhodes’ squash from Prime Time Wrestling is shown.

In a taped segment, WWF Tag Team Champions Demolition talk about how Crush makes them new and improved.  The Hart Foundation rebut that three-on-two is unfair and they would like WWF President Jack Tunney to clarify if Demolition can defend the tag team titles with three members.

Earthquake (w/Jimmy Hart) (16-0) pins Mark Thomas after the Earthquake Splash at 1:15:

Thomas avoids an early avalanche but Earthquake rebounds off the ropes after a dropkick and clotheslines Thomas’ head off.  In the split screen, Hacksaw Jim Duggan says it is only a matter of time before he and Hulk Hogan’s fans chop Earthquake down to size.  Thomas is wearing a Hogan friendship bracelet, which Earthquake rips off after the match.

Before Earthquake can do more damage to Thomas, Duggan runs in after the bell and runs Earthquake off with his 2×4.  He gets on the house mic and gets the crowd to start chanting Hogan’s name.

Tune in next week to see the Big Bossman, Demolition, and Randy Savage in action!  Also, Nikolai Volkoff will be on the Brother Love Show!

The Last Word:  This was a skippable episode as nothing new was added to any of the promotion’s existing feuds.  It appears like President Jack Tunney will have to issue a ruling soon about Demolition, who appear to be turning heel but have not fully taken the plunge yet.

Up Next:  Wrestling Challenge for July 1!