Well. I thought it was cool


What old gimmick or name that you may not want to admit now. But at the time you thought it was cool however, people just shit on it nowadays?

Like a song that you turn up in your car only when you are alone?

After watching Steve Austin in Ecw in real time as a teenager.  I thought the ringmaster name and gimmick was cool. 

They wrestle in a ring!  He’s the master of it! How did they not use this name before!?!

Obviously- wrong side of history on that one. 

Just wondering if you had any?

And not the Waylon mercy’s of the world where it was “ahead of its time”.

Something you look back on like.  Yeeeeesh.

I mean, looking back on stuff and going “yeeeeesh” is like my whole deal.  But I'd say maybe Rick Steiner's regression to a childlike state in the Varsity Club with the talking hand nonsense before finding the Steiner Brothers is one of the more misguided character turns I can remember.