What If…..

Hi Scott,

I've been working my way through the 96 and 97 Raws and PPVs.  A couple of quick questions:

1. If Bret and Shawn could have found a way to coexist and at least manage to somewhat respect each other, could things have turned out differently during this period?  Would it have turned out better for Bret, or was his relationship with the WWE always going to end bitterly?

2. It seems like the hidden MVPs during this era are Mankind and Vader.  It seemed they always worked their asses off and gave their all in every match they starred in.  Foley especially with his matches against Shawn Michaels and Undertaker.  I've always thought Foley got over through sheer force of will being one of the most unlikely WWE Superstars ever.  Agree or am I off base?

1.  I think if Shawn wasn’t around, Bret would still be around today.  But together, one was always going to lose the battle and it was Bret.  
2.  Foley, absolutely.  Vader was a major disappointment on all levels though.  He made a huge mistake ever leaving WCW.