Danielson – Omega: The Next Chapter

Following the 30 minute draw, how do you book the Danielson-Omega feud going forward, Scott?

For me, I think Omega ducks and dodges a rematch with Danielson, while Danielson chases him and has to go through other members of the Elite or wrestlers who think he jumped the line. Finally, he gets a 60 minute title match…that also goes the distance. This leads to a final, no-time-limit match for the title (assuming Omega still has it; this could be booked to stretch out quite a while and he may drop it to Hangman or someone else in the meantime), and honestly I can make credible arguments for putting either guy over in that one. What's your take?

Best wishes as always

Yeah I think a 60 minute draw and then no time limit PPV title match is the play.