Blog of DOOM Daily News Update – 25th September 2021

Happy Saturday Everyone!

I thought the first hour of Rampage was overall stronger than the second hour, but I did enjoy the Main Event. I won’t spoil what happened but there was a particular bit in the Lights Out match that made me pop.

I’m at a wrestling show today so I’ll sadly miss Everton against Norwich. Norwich haven’t won a game yet this season, which usually means that we’re going to be the ones to gift it to them. Hopefully I’m wrong.

Scheduled today on the Blog: Thomas has the Rampage and Smackdown reviews up. Later on today we’ve got a WWE review from Scott. I’ve got another Stinker review of a WCW show from 1988. Justin has the low down on another classic wrestling mag from the 80’s that he posted yesterday, whilst Logan posted another WWF 1990 review for good measure

Now some news from Cultaholic

Eddie Kingston would like to be a commentator when his in-ring career ends

And he’d be darned good at it

Adam Cole Vs Jungle Boy on Dynamite next week

Should be a great match, and I bet a lot of the Cole haters are going to lose it if he beats Jungle Boy

Edge will be on Smackdown next week

Rubber match time with Rollins I suppose

Have a gooden everyone!