A Concerned AEW Fan

Hello, Scott. I am a huge fan of AEW, but I have noticed something really jarring about AEW. Over the course of their events I have developed a significant concern for AEW’s front row fans. I do not believe it is safe to be sitting front row at AEW events, especially for kids. I have witnessed many “incidents” occur. Some of those “incidents” are… 

– Eddie Kingston dismantling a table and chucking pieces into the crowd. That could have impale a kids head when they weren’t looking.
– The Young Bucks throw thumbtacks to their opponents with the crowd right there. Thumbtacks could have pierced the eyes of a child sitting front row blinding them.
– Andrade ramming into the loosey goose barricades that have, which hit a kid. If that kid was bending down tying his shoes, that barricade could have forcefully bash into the kids head potentially causing brain damage.
– CM Punk stage diving into crowds… Some fans are big and Punk isn’t checking to see if there aren’t any infants behind those big fans.
– Etc.

This list goes on and on.  I just worry that one of these days something really bad may happen and I would hate to see that. I am just curious of your take and the takes of others on BoD regarding this. Thank you for your time.

Man I thought you were going somewhere wacky with that one but yeah actually there’s legit concerns in there.  The thumb tack stuff was bothering me as well.  That being said, a real wrestling fan would relish the opportunity to be bashed in the face by the Young Bucks and would likely get their neck brace autographed by them as well.