Blog of DOOM Daily News Update – 24th September 2021

Happy Friday Everyone!

I’m looking forward to Rampage tonight. I’ve managed to avoid the spoilers thankfully so I should be suitably surprised when I watch it. Smackdown is on tonight too, but COME ON

Scheduled today on the Blog: There’s still time to read Andy’s indie insanity thread. Logan has got some more WWF from 1990. Scott will be doing something too but I’m writing this on Thursday Night UK time and it hasn’t been scheduled in yet, so keep a look out!

Now some news from Cultaholic

Arthur Ashe officials said to be happy with Grand Slam

Maybe AEW can run it again next year?

Christopher Daniels might be bringing back the “Fallen Angel” gimmick

I wonder if Tony Khan will shell out for “Disposable Teens” for him?

CM Punk doesn’t like Hulk Hogan

I think you need to get in line to be honest there Punk

Game Grumps have been playing Sonic Colours, and having fun with it!

Have a gooden everyone!