Bron Steiner… a wise move?

Hi Scott,

Long time reader, short time emailed.

There seems to be quite a lot of anger/confusion regarding the naming of Bron Breaker and whilst on the surface it does seem like just another strange decision by the powers that may be, is there an argument that if you're Bron it might be wise to not have
your family heritage trademarked by the company you work for?

It does seem odd that WWE wouldn't use his family name given that they're usually so hot on 'next-gen' superstars. Can you shed any light on why they might have decided against it? 

He certainly looks like they're strapping at least a small rocket to him in this new version of NXT but if he should find himself wanting to leave further down the road (or gets future endeavoured etc) then it'd be easy for him to promote himself freely as
a Steiner, wherever he ends up? 

Sidenote: What do you think the odds are that Bron gets called up to main roster further down the line and they pretend that nobody watches NXT and just rebrand him as Bron/Rex Steiner and suddenly start mentioning his lineage?


The issue appears to be that Big Uncle Pump is still holding a grudge with HHH and is making life difficult over the Steiner trademarks.  But by Jove we need a better name for this poor bastard.