Random Questions


Just a few random questions:

Gagne Sleeper or Bockwinkle Sleeper:  Whose was better?
Nick would no doubt say Verne's because he paid the bills. 

Is the worst part of Crockett's purchase of the UWF the 5 decades of Bruce Pritchard in Vince's inner circle?
Pretty sure it's still that Steve Williams v. Barry Windham match at Starrcade. 

High Flyer Greg Gagne/Rambo Greg Gagne/Groovy Greg Gagne/Announcer Greg Gagne:  Which is the best version?
High Flyer was pretty good!  He should have stayed in his lane. 

Do you have confidence in the Blue Jays Bullpen?
I have confidence in Vladdy.  The bullpen less so.  But anything in the playoffs this year is gravy anyway and I'm proud of them for what they accomplished. 

Were Slaughter's Privates on the Plane Ride From Hell? 
Unfortunately they caught something from Nicki Minaj's cousin's friend and were too swollen to make it on the plane.