The Roman Reigns Experiment Needs To be Ended ASAP

Seriously; they had a perfect chance to A. Make a new star even bigger and B. End the Roman Reigns ratings poison experiment by having Big E beat Roman last night on Raw in an impromptu unification match, complete with having Big E beating Roman bloody and throwing him AND Heyman into a garbage dumpster after the match to sum up that Vince was listening to fans and ending this abortion of a run now, while he still has a company that he can sell to the highest bidder. 

Would have made Raw must see by having a major moment happening (meaning more viewers due to Raw being restored as the A Show and establishing that anything CAN happen there), elevate Big E as a top guy by having him end the reign of terror and give him a boost to his credibility as a top guy, and more to the point, give actual fucking stakes to Big E vs Finn Balor at the next PPV as to whether or not Big E will lose or if they will screwjob things so the titles split again with Finn as Smackdown champion and Big E as the Raw champion, along with (assuming there is a draft) Brock something to do as far as which title he'll challenge for now that he's back and him struggling to get by without Heyman around, as far as Brock's asshat behavior coming back to bite him now that he doesn't have Heyman protecting him from the consequences of his behavior. 

Jesse Baker
Yeah!  Why won’t they just bow to your will and end this terrible Reigns experiment already?