Does he get a championship for worst statement ever?

Hey Scott,

I'm sure you've already received emails about Ric Flair's statement:

But could this possibly be the worst statement ever?  I don't even know where to begin.

1 – First, his entire defense is based around a guy that Flair openly states lies 99% of the time.  “He lies about everything, but he's telling the truth about THIS” is a super strange and weak argument.

2 – He openly acknowledges all of the terrible things he's done, as if that proves that he's not capable of doing worse.  Again, “I've done countless awful things, but I didn't do THIS awful thing” is a really weird flex.

3 – Perhaps worst of all, he doesn't even seem to realize or recognize that even if the particular accusation of him forcing the flight attendant to touch him is false, the act of walking around and exposing yourself to somebody is beyond inappropriate.  Like, he doesn't even apologize for the fact that he did that (and no, this wasn't a normal or acceptable thing to do in the early 2000's).

I don't know that anything will ever truly finish off Ric Flair, but I think this is enough to show me that he's not a good guy.

Flair desperately needs to channel Hogan here and just go underground for as long as possible until everything blows over.  I don't think there's a right play here for him.  Just shut up, Ric.  Obviously AEW isn't going to risk killing their brand over him at this point and probably won't touch him with a 10 foot pole for a long time, if ever.