When it’s time to hotshot


Since you have Tony's ear…

1 )
I literally invented the Inner Circle concept 1st and used it on the indies for the better part of a year. Let Tony know I expect a gratuity. Pass that along. 🤣

2 )
I think the best way to pay off the big show on Wednesday is to just switch the title to Bryan until Page is ready to come back down the road and get put over by Bryan. Problem is, as of yet, the Omega match is non-title. So, my pitch is to have Bryan come out and just address the elephant in the room and point out that 19,000 fans would rather see Bryan Danielson face Omega for the Belt that night. Omega says he would gladly do a title match for the paying fans, BUT the last time Danielson faced someone from the Elite (Adam Cole), he LOST… CLEAN as a sheet. So, Omega will wrestle Bryan for the Title that night only if Bryan can beat Adam Cole first. 

Then you just beat Cole (yes, I said it) and then give people what they wanna see in the main event. Bryan over Omega and new champ. Bryan hangs onto the belt as the “fighting champion” guy until Page comes back. So, I disagree with some people who feel that Page missed his shot and should be relegated to the back burner when he comes back.

Why would they want to suddenly switch the match to a title match without advertising it in advance?  Kind of defeats the point and ruins the presumed 200,000 buy followup title match for Full Gear, innit?