ECW On Sci Fi – September 17, 2007

ECW On Sci Fi
Date: April 17, 2007
Location: Datchforum, Milan, Italy
Commentators: Joey Styles, Tazz

Things changed in a big way last week as CM Punk officially joined the New Breed. That is the biggest moment in the faction warfare story so far and it makes things even more tilted in the favor of the villains. I’m not sure what exactly the ECW Originals can do but ECW does have a history of thinking on the fly. Let’s get to it.

We open with a recap of CM Punk joining the New Breed in a bit of a shocker.

Opening sequence.

Here’s the New Breed, minus CM Punk, in the ring to get things going. Elijah Burke talks about how we have been seeing a man with a decision to make, but last week that decision was made. This brings out Punk, with Matt Striker holding the ropes open for him. The fans are rather happy to see Punk, with Tazz calling it a mixed reaction. Burke asks Punk why he joined the New Breed but Punk would rather keep those reasons to himself. All that matters is that he is part of the New Breed, which works for Burke.

Cue Rob Van Dam to tell Burke to shut up because he wants to talk to Punk. Van Dam offered Punk a spot in the ECW Originals last week and here he is with the New Breed. Punk is going to regret it, which Burke says isn’t going to happen. Burke thinks Van Dam is angry, so Van Dam throws out the challenge for tonight. Punk says if Van Dam wants to challenge a leader, Van Dam should challenge him, but Burke has this tonight. This was a rather clunky exchange and none of them exactly sounded good on the mic. It didn’t help that they were fighting over “no he’s on MY team”.

Snitsky vs. Nunzio

For some reason Nunzio thinks a waistlock is a good idea and is casually tossed away with ease. A headlock goes about as well for Nunzio, who gets taken down by a hard shoulder. Nunzio manages a kick to the face and a middle rope dropkick for one, with the kickout hurting Nunzio for a rare sight. A gutbuster and a ribs first drop across the top set up the big boot (to the arm) to give Snitsky the fast pin.

Elijah Burke makes it clear to CM Punk that he isn’t scared of Rob Van Dam. If Punk wants to be on this team, he needs to fall in line. This doesn’t sit well with Punk as he walks away.

Tommy Dreamer/Sandman vs. Kevin Thorn/Marcus Cor Von

Ariel is here with Cor Von and Thorn. Dreamer has an Italian flag because he can suck up to any crowd in the world. Cor Von hammers on Dreamer to start but Sandman comes in for a double suplex. Sandman’s super hurricanrana is shoved away without much effort and Thorn grabs a chinlock. That doesn’t last long so it’s back to Cor Von to suplex Sandman for two. Sandman avoids a charge though and the hot tag brings in Dreamer to clean house. Dreamer grabs a sunset flip and puts his hand on the rope (which should have made a kickout easier) for the pin (and ignore Thorn’s shoulder being up).

Rating: D. The ending was awful, but the bigger problem is how worthless these people look. Save for Cor Von, the addition of Punk to the top of this feud has made the lower level people look that much less valuable. If I can watch Van Dam, Punk and maybe Cor Von and Burke, why would I care about Dreamer, Sandman, Striker and Thorn? This feud has lost some of its depth and that was on display here.

CM Punk tells Matt Striker that the New Breed needs some better thinkers.

Here is Bobby Lashley for a chat. He can’t wait for Backlash, but he stopped at Raw last night. We see a clip of Lashley helping the debuting Santino Marella beat Umaga to win the Intercontinental Title in a huge upset. Lashley brings out Santino, who thanks the fans and Lashley in English and Italian. And that’s that.

CM Punk gives Marcus Cor Von and Kevin Thorn a pep talk, telling them to get back up. Elijah Burke pops up and doesn’t like Punk taking charge like this. Punk makes it clear he isn’t coming for the leadership of the team.

Backlash rundown.

Rob Van Dam vs. Elijah Burke

They talk some trash to start until Van Dam kicks him in the head. After that rather simple but effective start, Burke sends him into the corner and kicks Van Dam down. Some more kicks to the shoulder don’t do much as Van Dam is back up with another kick to the face. The shoulders in the corner only hit post though and Burke grabs a logical armbar. A knee into the shoulder has Van Dam in even more trouble and you know Burke is going to be right there with the posing.

The shoulder goes into the post again and the armbar goes back on. Van Dam fights up with the good arm clotheslines into the rolling monkey flip. The referee gets bumped in the corner though (Joey: “We’ve got a zebra down in the corner!”), meaning there is no point in Van Dam loading up the Five Star. Instead it’s Rolling Thunder onto raised knees but here is CM Punk with a chair. Van Dam intercepts said chair though and knocks Burke silly, setting up the Five Star for the pin.

Rating: C+. Not a classic or anything but it did what it was supposed to do. This was about Punk continuing to cause issues with the New Breed and I would be a bit surprised if he was with the team that much longer. That almost has to be the case sooner than later, as Van Dam is all the ECW Originals have at the moment.

Punk checks on Burke but doesn’t look too upset to end the show.

Overall Rating: C. This show was about one thing and one thing only and they focused on rather extensively. I’m not sure if this was the plan all along or if they are rapidly backtracking on Punk joining the New Breed, but it is hard to imagine he is still with the team by the end of the month. That’s the right call too as Punk is probably the most popular name on the show and it doesn’t make sense to have him as a heel. Not a great show, but it featured more than a few steps forward in the biggest story around here. Now just get to the important stuff already.




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