Bad Brock

Hey, Scott. So we are seeing the fallout from the DSOR plane ride from hell ep, with both Ric Flair & Tommy Dreamer getting punished (and deservely so) for their actions. But one guy I am surprised that hasn't gotten ripped apart more is Brock Lesnar.
The stuff about him exposing himself to Terri Runnels makes him come off as much a creep as the other two, IMO. And yet, the WWE is going full steam with him in a main event program like nothing happened. So I have to ask the following:

1- Should the WWE be concerned? I feel like if the right newsperson/outlet pays attention to Brock's doings, it can be far more damaging to the brand than a retired wrestler like Flair or an ex-employee like Dreamer would be.

2- What would it take for them to stop using Lesnar? Or is he one of those 'made' men JR described who Vince has no problem letting get away with almost literal murder if they wanted to?

Thanks as always for the reviews.

Hey, the Saudi government literally took the entire roster hostage (allegedly) and Vince is still fine doing business with THEM.  So it's probably going to take a lot to get rid of Brock.