AEW’s Lack Of Creativity & Variety In Their Angles & Using Run-Ins As A Crutch

When are we going to discuss the concerning lack of substance and variety in AEW's creative? They've started using the post-match beatdown as a crutch. It happens in over 70% (SEVENTY PERCENT) of their matches, either involving wrestlers currently in a program together or as a means to kickstart new angles. SEVENTY PERCENT. The AEW formula has basically devolved into:
– Two wrestlers/tag teams/factions have a match
– After the match another wrestler/tag team/faction does a run-in attack (and in the case of new angles often unprovoked and without explanation)
– Make a match between the parties involved
– Rinse and repeat ad infinitum

This happens FAR too often. SEVENTY PERCENT is an insane stat and I can't believe more people aren't recognizing this trend and calling them out for it. These are the stats for matches and in-ring promos that ended with run-ins and/or beatdowns for September alone.

RAMPAGE (September 18th)
Matches – 3/3
In-Ring Promos – 0/1

DYNAMITE (September 15th)
Matches – 3/5
In-Ring Promos – 4/4

RAMPAGE (September 10th)
Matches – 2/3
In-Ring Promos – 1/1

DYNAMITE (September 8th)
Matches – 2/5
Promos – 4/5

RAMPAGE (September 3rd)
Matches – 3/3
In-Ring Promos – 1/1

DYNAMITE (September 1st)
Matches – 4/5
Promos – 3/4

17/24 (71%) matches and 13/16 (81%) in-ring promos ended in run-in/interruption brawls. Not a peep on this from a single corner of the IWC. Yet WWE gets lambasted for the tropes and crutches they resort to, which they employee at 1/2 and sometimes even 1/3 as often as AEW does.

Not surprisingly, I posted this to the AEW subreddit and it was removed by mods within 15 minutes. Which brings me to my second question, and that's why does the IWC insist on coddling AEW? Is it because they've wanted a viable alternative for so long that they're afraid if the company's public perception is handled as delicately as possible that AEW will fold and they'll be left crawling back to Vince, who many of them talk about as if he's a more ruthlessly evil combination of Thanos and Hitler? That segment of the hardcore AEW fan base really needs to realize that their gatekeeping serves as a detriment to many fans who are just getting into the product and results in legitimately turning some of them away.

AEW doesn't seem to be turning many fans away if their last buyrate is any indication.