NXT Idea #476

OK, with NXT entering the new awkward phase of green rookies and indy vets, would it benefit WWE to split the 2-hour block? Have Hour 1 be the “young lion/rookie” hour and focus them around the North American Title, while Hour 2 is the more experienced guys with the Women's and NXT Title only being featured that hour. Also, give each hour a different name, then when the ratings come in, try to claim the show did double what the 2-hour block averaged because TECHNICALLY it's two different shows, so when Hour 1 does 450,000 and hour 2 does 670,000, you can say you did 1.2 million, even though the combined average is probably somewhere around 620,000? Also, how would you re-book the NXT Invasion of Raw and Smackdown?
I appreciate the build and payoff there.  Well done.