The idea that winning one match means putting one over

This upcoming rematch between Black and Cody, especially given how he's dismantled the Rhodes group, has me worried that we'll see Cody triumphantly win.

We've seen what happens as a result in other scenarios like Cena putting Owens over strong in the first match but then winning the rematch; ditto for Triple H vs. Brock or AJ vs. Jericho. It just fails to establish the new character more firmly and cools them off badly in the meantime. Winning one match doesn't mean much if the hot new character has to almost immediately give the win back.

Here's hoping Cody gives Malaki Black a really tough, long match where the story is that he fights valiantly and humbles Black a bit before just barely failing.

Cody is off doing reality TV.  I bet he eats another kick because wins and losses mean stuff in AEW.