NXT 2.0 = Lex Luger vs. Rick Steiner 2.0?

So outside of some new paint, and a wrestling wedding reaching completion, the big takeaway from NXT 2.0 is Bron Breakker (I know, what a shitty name) making his debut, and possibly being setup as the next challenger to newly crowned NXT Champion Tomasso Ciampa.

Maybe I’m just a sucker for early 90’s WCW (I’m all for a redo of the Yellow Dog gimmick or Dangerous Alliance) but I’m getting some Rick Steiner (Bron’s dad) vs Lex Luger vibes. Rick doing awww shucks and Luger wanting to be acknowledged as the champ (another WCW thing that could work in WWE. Nah, would never work.) was fun, and even if Rick was never going to hold the title it was interesting and a fresh matchup. 

If the plan is to match people like Bron vs guys who can get good matches out of anyone, NXT 2.0 should be perfectly acceptable. Hell, with Ciampa, Gargano, and Kyle, putting the title on Breakker wouldn’t be the worst idea.
First up, if WCW 91 is the quality bar to clear, mission accomplished already.  
If you want to put the belt on Rick Jr, have at it.  I just want them to decide once and for all what NXT is actually supposed to be and stick with it.  If you want to be Florida Championship Wrestling then great, but cut back to an hour and put it on the Network again and I’ll happily watch that.  But a two hour show that’s supposed to be important live TV on a major cable channel filled with stumbling promos from guys I’ve never heard of is a recipe for disaster. Last night was not a product that should have been presented as “major league”.