Babyfaces cashing in MITB for the cheap win

Is this really a good way to get a guy over as a top babyface? It was an awesome, refreshing angle when Edge first did it as a heel to screw Cena out of the title, but WWE now goes back to it again and again for a big babyface title win.

The pattern then seems to be the same. The new champion is then regarded as a fluke (and usually loses some non-title matches along the way) and moves back down the card once they drop the title.

I'm all for big moments, and Big E. winning accomplishes that for a single segment on Raw, but it feels weird to me that they've continuously used this booking trope to get over babyfaces. From a purely narrative perspective, this just makes Big E. look like a coward who got lucky taking advantage of the cool unstoppable monster.

The fact that they internally seem to regard the briefcase as an albatross that needs to be gotten rid of as soon as possible after winning it speaks to how shitty the trope has become.  They need a new idea for it and fast.