Must be those Demos

Help me out here, how could Dynamite beat Raw in the Demos if they are on a different night facing different competition? I don't remember Demos being a thing back in the Monday Night Wars days like Uncle Dave swears they were when he fights with people on Twitter. But even if they were at least it was actually a competition since they were you know competing against each other on the same night. Correct me if I am wrong, isn't it a competition only when two or more people/things compete against each other at the same time with one winner at the end? 

And now twitter is ablaze with arguments about how any move WWE makes for tonight like moving Orton vs Lashley is reactionary to AEW instead of the incoming juggernaut of Monday Night Football. Isn't it more logical that they saw Thursday night football had their best rating in 5 years and are actually reacting to that, especially since that's on at the same time? Families are already being torn apart about AEW vs WWE in general, seems  like now fans are just adding stupid things to argue about. What about the kids! If TK really wants to prove AEW is competition wouldn't there be an easy way to solve all this, like Dynamite going against Raw on Monday nights?

Do you even know what your argument is?