Dave Meltzer confirms WWE STILL pipes in fake crowd noise

Hey Scott!

I've noticed in recent times that there's often an overlay of sound on live WWE broadcasts that comes across as artificial — which is especially obvious when having headphones on. It sounds like a tinny, droning noise that gives the impression the audience
is perpetually reacting. In other circumstances, there will be abrupt cheers and boos that seem unnatural and not in line with the audience's flow or character. One example is last night's RAW when Alexa Bliss is facing the hard camera after kicking Charlotte
out of the ring. Bliss raises her arms, and you can hear a crescendo of applause, but suddenly there's a second and louder crescendo, which makes absolutely no sense in the context of how a crowd would behave.

I get that WWE piped in crowd noise when nobody was in the arena during the worst of the pandemic, and I understand that the company has augmented crowd noise when airing taped shows over the past 30+ years. But to do so during live shows — when it's always
been understood that the company, for better or worse, would let the audience voice their opinions? It’s always been an unwritten honor code — even with the audio technology to manipulate now available — that WWE would espouse a genuine presentation at least
with regard to live reactions.

What has made wrestling such a fascinating form of entertainment isn’t its predetermined or fictional aspects; what makes it compelling is the intersection between fantasy and the unfiltered reality that the audience represents. Their indifference, dissatisfaction,
and unbridled joy could be counted on to come through the TV, giving wrestling’s characters a layer of truth that no other representation in entertainment can quite match up to. Now that WWE sees fit to undermine this one bastion of truth in a sea of make-believe,
they have made their product entirely fictional, and, worst of all, disrespected the will of live audiences, who can no longer be clearly heard by their fellow men and women watching at home.

Interestingly, I’ve also caught on to the fact that any fans who bring this up on the /SquaredCircle subReddit is immediately censored, but Dave Meltzer has more or less confirmed that the continual piping in of fake crowd noise is an actual thing, specifically
citing the TV-magic boos that Becky Lynch has received in some of his latest tweets (attached).

Quite frankly, I’m surprised this isn’t a bigger story. If WWE sees fit to constantly manipulate the voices in the crowd, we’re left not only disbelieving what we see (which is often given the inorganic progression of storylines) but also what we hear.
With audiences being such an integral part in what makes a “moment” or not, I’m now left to wonder what is truly special anymore in WWE. How disappointing!

It's 2021 and NOW you're getting worked up over fake crowd noise?  Were you not watching Saturday Night's Main Event?