Blog of DOOM Daily News Update – 14th September 2021

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Pretty rubbish game last night for the most part, although I personally enjoyed the 10 minutes where Everton were good. That Townsend goal was something else and should really be in the conversation for Goal of the Month. Absolute blammo!

Won’t spoil Raw, and to be fair I haven’t watched it, but it sounds like you might want to check out Thomas’ review.

Scheduled today on the Blog: As mentioned, Thomas has Raw covered. Andy has got AEW Elevation. Jabroniville has Joshi from yesterday. Richard of Poehling has done an EVE review that’s still up. Logan’s most recent WWF 1990 review is still on the docket. Scott has got another Wrestling Observer Flashback later, which makes me #EXCITE

News from Cultaholic

WWE have announced the Draft dates

Will be interesting to see the effect it has on ratings, if any at all

Raw results

Something something, competition makes for a better product, something something

Jeff Hardy wants a cinematic match with The Uso’s

Honestly I wouldn’t be too sad to see the cinematic match trend go away to be honest

Not sure if the official Everton YouTube page is geoblocked, but if it isn’t you can see the Townsend screamer below

Have a gooden everyone!