Dark disorder

The word on the street is that Bray Wyatt will be appearing in AEW at some point in the future. How would you book his debut?

The obvious fit in storyline terms (and likely for him personally too) is that he follows the same path as Brodie Lee and becomes the new Exalted One to bring the Dark Order back together. Do you feel that's the best use of him, as a heel in quick squashes
on TV and as part of the comedy act on BTE?

Or would you use him in a different way? For example, swerving the audience by teasing he's about to join the Dark Order before he turns on them immediately to go full heel. Maybe by joining Malakai in the House of Black? Bonus fantasy booking points if Jake
Roberts joins them as an angle in Malakai's match with Cody as a callback to the “The Dark Side will be coming” and “I'm here to slay you” references he made on his debut.

I think they’re gonna play it straight and have him reunite the Dark Order in the name of Brodie Lee.  That’s what people want and there’s no reason to go against it.