Blog of DOOM Daily News Update – 13th September 2021

Happy Monday Everyone!

Everton have got Burnley tonight, which is an odd game to select for television when you consider neither of us are especially exciting to watch. Cue a ridiculous 3-3 draw or something now I’ve written that.

Scheduled today on the Blog: Ricky P makes his welcome return to reviewing with some Pro-Wrestling EVE. Dave Newman has got some New Japan already posted that’s worth your time. Scott has got a TNT review up later. Jabroniville has some more Joshi Spotlight. Logan has some WWF from 1990 going up later to close us out for the day.

News from Cultaholic

WWE have updated the banned word list further

“Card” is such a baffling one to me, as it’s regularly used in real combat sports such as boxing and MMA, and ultimately isn’t wrestling supposed to be a simulated combat sport? I know they like to say they aren’t wrestling but they do say they’re “Sports Entertainment” and wouldn’t the word “card” play into the sports element of that?

Samoa Joe is hurt


Fox offered to help WWE with signing CM Punk

Kind of sounds like they called WWE’s bluff there

Abroad in Japan has posted a new video

Have a gooden everyone!