AEW ELEVATION: September 13, 2021

The PG Era Rant for AEW Elevation, Episode 28 (“Take a Breather”), September 13, 2021.

From Cincinnati, OH.

Your hosts are Tony, Eddie, and Paul.

No real feature bouts tonight, but in action are Emi Sakura, Frankie Kazarian, Penelope Ford, Butcher and Blade, Jade Cargill, Tay Conti/Anna Jay, Daniel Garcia, and Nyla Rose.

Opening match: Emi Sakura (w/Lulu Pencil) (5-1) vs. Queen Aminata (0-5). No intro from the desk. And there’s a TON of regalia from the people in this match, which makes for an interesting visual. Although given recent events, I don’t think Guinea would want a Queen.

Lockup, and Aminata with a waistlock. Sakura uses an arm wringer to take Aminata down into a chinlock, and back up, she reverses an armlock to a waistlock and they exchange armlocks until Sakura bites Aminata. Hairpull slam by Sakura (Eddie: “Hairmare!”) sets up the Romero Special Sleeper. Sakura quickly breaks to kick away on Aminata, but Aminata ducks a clothesline and gets a snapmare and soccer kick. Butt-butts follow, with some bonus from Aminata, and Sakura is pissed off enough to start a slugfest.

Sakura steps on Aminata’s foot to win with a chop, but she runs into a backbreaker from Aminata. Rikishi hip check, then a VICIOUS corner boot by Aminata. She goes up, but Sakura escapes and Aminata thinks better of it. Aminata runs into a Flatliner from Sakura, setting up the Rock You Crossbody and tiger drop for two… but Sakura pulls Aminata up. Vaderbomb-style elbow ends it at 3:39. Aminata is getting over with crowds, and the two were trading some serious hits. *1/4

December 8, Dynamite/Rampage will be in Belmont, Long Island.

Frankie Kazarian (25-4) vs. Ren Jones (0-2). I get the connection to Japan and Yoshi Tatsu’s gimmick over there, but it’s not like the Elite are hard to find. Why does he need to hunt? Anyway, on Dynamite Kazarian welcomes Adam Cole to AEW. Schiavone HATES Adam Cole, which is the weirdest love triangle in wrestling.

Lockup, and Kazarian gets a top wristlock. Jones switches to a hammerlock and keeps control with a headlock, but Kazarian reverses (and gets a surprisingly decent reaction). We got International~!, with Kazarian getting multiple shoulderblocks, a fireman’s carry into an Oklahoma Roll for two, a pair of armdrags, and a grounded wristlock. Whew. Jones tries to get a cheap shot off a break, so Kazarian chops him into next week. Hammer Throw, but blind charge eats elbow and Jones tries a boot only to have it caught.

Kazarian puts Jones up top and follows, but Jones goes to the eyes and wants to powerbomb him off. He turns it into a pop-up forearm instead and stomps away on Kazarian. Stinger Splash airballs, though, and Kazarian with a lariat to wake up the crowd. Knees to the lower back sets up the Crossface Chickenwing to give Kazarian the win in 2:59. This felt like it could’ve been longer, which is a good feeling. 1/2*

Penelope Ford (w/The Bunny) (12-4) vs. Layna Lennox (debut). So is Ford in the HFO? Or is this like Tay and Jay, where the women’s division might as well be a different planet? Lennox’s outfit is not flattering on her.

Ford with a quick armbar and she piefaces Lennox a bunch, then yanks Lennox down by the hair. Shove from Lennox, so Ford forearms her and tries the Gut Check. Lennox escapes and gets a Russian legsweep for one. Ford dumps Lennox out, and Bunny attacks behind the referee’s back, much to Kingston’s disgust. Ford with the vaulting double knees to the apron, and back in, handspring elbow and running boot follow. German suplex follows, then the Mutalock ends it at 2:14. 1/4*

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The Butcher and the Blade (w/The Bunny) (#3 team, 5-0) vs. The Outrunners (Turbo Floyd and Truth Magnum) (debut). Big “welcome back” pop for Butcher. No sign of Matt Hardy, which might help. Kingston is excited by how in shape Butcher is on his return. Continuity much.

Butcher mauls Magnum to start, then gets a flying bear off the ropes. He tosses Magnum into the corner to tag in Floyd, who can’t hurt Butcher with a shot. Butcher and Blade then chop the bejabbers out of Floyd, ending in a lariat from Blade, with Magnum saving. So Butcher tosses Magnum out, and Floyd eats Drag the Lake for the B&B win at 1:16. There are three teams in the HFO, and I can see one of them turning face. To be honest, I would’ve said TH2, but with the reaction here I’m not so sure.

Jade Cargill (w/Smart Mark Sterling, Esq.) (#5 women, 12-0) vs. Shawna Reed (0-2). Oh, cool, Reed’s back. I liked how she looked (both as a unique presentation and the wrestling skill) and I’m glad she got a callback. Too bad this won’t be competitive.

Reed charges Jade… and gets booted down instantly. Shoulderblock try by Reed backfires, but Reed with an elbow to the gut and a crossbody attempt… that Jade catches into a fallaway slam and kip-up. Pump kick by Jade sets up the Glam Slam to win at 1:01. This crowd is enjoying even these quickie squashes – they were counting along with the pin and oohing and ahhing with the power moves, and have been most of the night.

Tay Conti (36-7) and Anna Jay (9-5) vs. Ella Shae and Jaylee (debut). They have almost-matching outfits, too. But Jay does throw up the Dark Order claw, so not all history is forgotten.

Conti starts with Jaylee and goes straight to the Seoi Nagi Trio. Back heel kick sets up the swinging facebuster. Jay in, so Jaylee escapes to bring in Shae. Jay kicks the leg out of the leg and gets a front neck snap. Booker T hook kick and Hammer Throw and she brings in Tay. Both women with running kicks to Shae, and Tay with a judo trip for a one-count. Jaylee trips Conti, and Shae pounds away. Boot choke in the corner and Jaylee holds Conti up for an avalanche. Shae tries to knock Jay off the apron before attacking, but (1) it’s not enough and (2) she misses on Conti.

Hot tag Jay, and back elbows for everyone! Running spin kick in the corner to Shae, and Conti follows with a pump kick. Double suplex to Shae, then a double Flatliner to Jaylee. Conti drags Shae to her corner and brings in Jay, and Gory 2 Sleep sets up the Queenslayer to win at 2:51. Crowd really enjoys the Tay/Jay pairing. 1/2*

Daniel Garcia (w/2point0) (3-5) vs. Lee Moriarty (0-2). If you’ve read advance listings as to what happened, you’re wondering how much they show here. If you haven’t, well, you’re still in for a treat because you have two top technicians. Much like me, Kingston HATES 2point0, but puts over Moriarty pre-match.

They go to the mat to start, with each reversing each other with lightning speed until Moriarty gets a front facelock and Garcia makes the ropes. Garcia with a headlock and he runs over Moriarty, kicking away in the ropes. Garcia drops down, so Moriarty hooks a backslide for two and avoids a dropkick before kicking the elbow. Crossbody by Moriarty gets two. Garcia with an uppercut and chop on Moriarty, and Moriarty is in the corner where Garcia stomps a mudhole. Hammer Throw by Garcia, and a NASTY chop.

Fireman’s carry takeover by Garcia, but he holds onto the arm so he can add more head kicks. Moriarty fights out with uppercuts, but Garcia rips at the ears. Moriarty gets a wristlock, then a Pele to the arm, but 2point0 interferes and Garcia goes to the legs with a chop block. Low dropkick gets two. Ankle twist by Garcia, and he hyperextends the left leg. Moriarty tries to roll away, but Garcia with a toe spin and legdrop, then a big chop from a seated position for two. Garcia wants the Sharpshooter, but Moriarty blocks and kicks him away. They exchange wristlocks until Moriarty gets a double-wrist cradle for two. Hammerlock lariat gets two (Jeff Parker was halfway in the ring to break it up!).

Garcia kicks away, but Moriarty pulls him up and tries a suplex. Garcia slips out the back and kicks the leg out of his leg before getting a Russian legsweep and crossface. Moriarty breaks with SMALL JOINT MANIPULATION to get his own Crossface, but Garcia escapes and tries the Sharpshooter and both men fall into the ropes. Garcia charges Moriarty in the corner but misses, and Moriarty with a gamengiri and snapmare. Double stomp misses, but Moriarty is back with La Majistral. Garcia escapes, and Moriarty with a double stomp for real. They fight over a suplex, but Moriarty’s leg gives out and Garcia with the Dragon Screw and Sharpshooter to win at 6:12. Fun “body part” match that felt like it had another five minutes. **1/4

Skye Blue (0-4) vs. Nyla Rose (w/Vickie Guerrero) (20-4). Hey, wow, Skye Blue gets an entrance! And just when you thought you were safe from Vickie Guerrero being loud, she has a mic again. UGH. That said, if this ends with someone breaking Vickie in half during her intro, Worth Every Minute. (They won’t, because old people don’t bump.)

Lockup, and Rose pushes Blue into the corner. Blue ducks a forearm but wisely doesn’t follow up (she’s studied film). Blue tries a waistlock (never mind), and Rose gives her a back elbow. Blue tries to do a Matrix dodge, but Rose picks her up. Blue staggers Rose with a roundhouse kick, but she runs into a side suplex and half-senton. Rose stomps a mudhole in Blue in the corner, adding a boot choke against the bottom rope. Blue elbows out of a fireman’s carry and rocks Rose with all the forearms, but Rose refuses to get Irish Whipped and catches a roundhouse kick into a back suplex. Beast Bomb is loaded up, but Blue with a sunset flip for one.

She avoids a kneedrop, then an elbowdrop, then an avalanche, which allows her forearms and a dropkick. A second one, but Rose won’t go down. She ducks a lariat and takes Rose down with a rana in the corner, then a handspring uppercut. She charges in again, getting an enzuigiri in the corner, and goes up top to catch Rose with a diving crossbody for two. Blue is frustrated, but gets a SUPERKICK. Shiranui try, but Rose shoves her off and catches her going up and over, spinning her around into a Beast Bomb for the pin at 3:33. They packed a HELL of a lot into three and a half minutes. *1/2

DYNAMITE is in Newark! Darby Allin vs Shawn Spears! Frankie Kazarian vs Adam Cole! Jade Cargill vs Leyla Hirsch!

…so for those who hadn’t been following it on the Internet, after the Moriarty/Garcia match, Tony Khan came out and gave Moriarty a contract on the spot. Can’t say he didn’t earn it, and it was a heck of a feel-good moment. The last two matches are worth watching on this one, and we’re done in about 40-45 minutes. Just something for your lunch break.


BELL-TO-BELL – 23:45 over eight matches (average time 2:58)

MATCH OF THE NIGHT – Garcia/Moriarty


  1. Daniel Garcia
  2. Skye Blue
  3. Lee Moriarty

See you tomorrow!