Why were TNA PPV buys so low?

I've neve quite understood this. Their peak viewership was over two million people for an episode of Impact on Spike, yet they frequently had some of the most embarrassing PPV buyrates of any wrestling company with a TV deal. How is it that AEW gets 100,000 buys for their PPV events with 1,000,000 viewers typically (or even maybe 200,000+ for All Out), and yet TNA got something in the pitiful 10-20,000 range most months? Why did TNA's solid TV numbers never translate to PPV at all?

Because they did a shit job of convincing people that their product was worth spending money on. It shows that there’s a whole lot of difference between a product that people will watch on free TV filled with an audience of people who get in for free, and a product that people will actually spend money to see.  AEW demonstrates value for money and TNA almost never did.