Roman and Brock

Hey Scott, 
It's a testament to how good Roman Reigns is as our Tribal Chief that in MSG in 2021 he was somehow able to make 44-year-old Brock Lesnar the babyfacest babyface who ever babyfaced on Smackdown, so what do you think they do when they have their match? The crowd is obviously dying to cheer Roman now (they were chanting for him before Brock's music hit), so should they have Paul be the weasel everyone knows he is and screw him for Brock's sake? Or should he just beat Brock clean and keep going as is even if they don't have Rock lined up for WrestleMania? This character is too good to not keep going as he is, but this is WWE, so I'm worried they'll fuck it up.

There’s no reason to ever put the belt on Brock again.  Zero.  Roman should beat him and move on.