How does it feel?

How does it feel to control the mindless, mimicking minions
that hang out in the comment sections of our blah blog? You say that the 2021
#1 Wrestler in the World Kenny Omega needs to lose the AEW title, and the
fanatical farts that follow you suck it all up and blow it right back out.  You claim that the 2020 #3 Wrestler in the
World Chris Jericho is old and needs to retire, and the indolent idiots insist
that your words are true.  You say that the
whole of the WWE is slotted somewhere between worm slime and rat droppings, and
the worthless whores that give you worth repeat what you say with the
conviction of a serial killer.  I ask
again, how does it feel?

Ok I guess.  Not as fulfilling as cashing those fat cheques from TK but pretty decent.