ECW On Sci Fi – April 10, 2007

ECW on Sci Fi
Date: April 10, 2007
Location: Dunkin’ Donuts Center, Providence, Rhode Island
Attendance: 8,000
Commentators: Joey Styles, Tazz

Things have picked up again around here as the New Breed beat the ECW Originals in a heck of an Extreme Rules match last week to even the series. I’m sure a third match is coming and CM Punk is lurking around the story as well. On the higher end, Bobby Lashley is going to have to defend the ECW World Title against Vince and Shane McMahon and Umaga in what I’m sure will be a technical masterpiece. Let’s get to it.

Opening sequence.

Here is Vince McMahon, again in a snappy hat, to open things up. Vince talks about how humiliating Wrestlemania was for him and we get a quick recap of his newfound bald. Now it is time for revenge and since Steve Austin and Donald Trump are gone, Bobby Lashley is all that is left. Vince wants revenge, so Lashley is suspended from the arena tonight. Granted it wouldn’t have mattered, as Lashley suffered a severe concussion last night.

We see how said concussion took place, with the McMahons and Umaga destroying Lashley on Raw. Vince promises to take the ECW World Title at Backlash because he could make a rather nice champion himself. Before we get there though, Vince is going to ruin Lashley’s life, but he is going to do the same thing to the fans for laughing at him. Details coming later.

CM Punk is warming up when Rob Van Dam comes in to say that Punk should be an ECW Original. As I wonder if Van Dam knows what “original” means, Elijah Burke comes in to say Punk is joining the New Breed next week. Punk is sick of this and he’s making his decision tonight.

Tommy Dreamer vs. Kevin Thorn

Ariel is here with Thorn. Dreamer hammers away to start but gets knocked down, only to avoid a legdrop. They head outside with Dreamer sending him into the steps but getting pulled down off the apron. Back in and Thorn grabs his sitout spinebuster for two but Dreamer grabs a neckbreaker, which Tazz thinks could hurt Thorn’s neck. Dreamer’s spinebuster gets two but an Ariel distraction lets Thorn crotch him on top. The Dark Kiss finishes Dreamer in a hurry.

Rating: D+. Short match here with Dreamer getting in his usual assortment of right hands with a few moves thrown in as well. The New Breed continues to win more often than not and Dreamer is the kind of person to make them look better. Dreamer doesn’t need to ever win another match and he is going to stay over so let him keep doing his thing like this.

Snitsky interrupts Extreme Expose getting ready. The women run.

The Condemned is still a thing.

Hardcore Holly needs surgery after Snitsky wrecked his arm last week.

CM Punk vs. Stevie Richards

Rematch from last week where Punk beat him up pretty badly. Matt Striker comes out to watch for a bonus, so here is Sandman to even things out. We’re joined in progress with Punk hitting a butterfly backbreaker for two as Sandman and Striker both seem pleased. Punk misses a springboard crossbody though and Richards knees him in the ribs for two. That doesn’t last long as Punk kicks him in the face and hits the running knee in the corner. The ensuing bulldog gets two but Sandman’s Singapore cane shot hits Striker by mistake. Richards’ rollup gets two but Punk reverses into one of his own for the fast pin.

Post match Sandman tries to make peace but Punk doesn’t seem impressed. Punk? Holding a grudge?

Extreme Expose, but Snitsky interrupts again. This time Layla can’t run away and cowers against the ropes. Balls Mahoney tries to make the save and it goes as you would expect.

We recap CM Punk saying he would make his decision tonight. This comes after commentary said Punk would be making his decision tonight, turning this into one of the most pointless videos you’ll see in WWE in recent memory.

Rob Van Dam vs. Marcus Cor Von

Sabu, in a neck brace, is here with Van Dam and Elijah Burke (no neck brace) is here with Cor Von. Feeling out process to start with Van Dam trying to figure out how to deal with Cor Von’s power. Cor Von hammers him down in the corner and hits some knees to the ribs. We hit something like a seated abdominal stretch, setting up a Regal Cutter for two on Van Dam. A belly to back suplex drops Van Dam again as this is one sided so far.

The chinlock with a knee in the back makes things worse for Van Dam and there’s a release German suplex for two. We hit the regular chinlock until Van Dam fights up but Cor Von cuts off the kicks. The chinlock goes on again but this time the comeback works a lot better. A kick to the face puts Cor Von down and a running….double leg takedown (Huh?) sets up the spinning legdrop. The top rope kick to the face drops Cor Von but Burke goes after Sabu. That’s enough of a distraction for Cor Von to Pounce Van Dam for the pin.

Rating: C-. Pretty dull match here as it was mainly Cor Von grinding Van Dam down but the ending was what mattered here. Cor Von continues to look like a beast and having him beat Van Dam is a good sign for his future. The New Breed has all of the momentum right now and ultimately that is going to be the right move. The Originals were a way to hook in fans at the beginning, but why would fans want to see most of them now?

Post match here is CM Punk… join the New Breed. The big celebration ends the show.

Overall Rating: D+. This week mostly focused on the ECW Originals vs. the New Breed and that wasn’t the most thrilling story. The bad guys are way ahead at this point and while that is going to change, it isn’t the most exciting part. I can’t imagine Punk sticks around with Striker and Thorn, but at least they gave us some drama on the way to what should be a twist. The rest of the show was pretty much nothing though and that didn’t make for the best show.


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