Impact Wrestling – September 9, 2021

Impact Wrestling
Date: September 9, 2021
Location: Skyway Studios, Nashville, Tennessee
Commentators: D’Lo Brown, Matt Striker

We are almost up to Victory Road and that means Bound For Glory is not too far away. Victory Road should be good on its own, but there are a few other things to get to first. The shows have been good enough as of late and if they can keep that going, or even improve on it, we could get some where. Let’s get to it.

Opening recap.

Opening sequence.

Tasha Steelz vs. Rosemary

Savannah Evans and Havok are here too. Steelz grabs a rollup to start so Rosemary bites her in the face to even things up. There’s the Upside Down to put Steelz in more trouble but she avoids a top rope dropkick. Some running shots in the corner set up a running kick to the chest to give Steelz two and we hit the chinlock. As tends to be the case with chinlocks, Rosemary is back up in a hurry so Steelz drops her with a jumping knee. Stratusfaction gets two and Steelz dodges a desperation spear. Not that it matters as Rosemary is right back up with the spear for the pin at 4:40.

Rating: C-. This was mostly a squash until Rosemary hit the spear. That’s a bit of a weird way to go with an established name like Rosemary but it isn’t like Steelz is some unknown loser. Steelz got to show off some different offense here as she is rarely in the ring by herself in a featured spot like this one.

Post match Evans gets in the ring but Steelz steals the Knockouts Tag Team Titles. The distraction lets Evans nail Rosemary and Havok from behind so the villains can run off.

Here’s what’s coming tonight.

Ace Austin is ready to win the World Title but walks off to talk to Scott D’Amore. Ace has an idea for next week: Christian Cage vs. Madman Fulton. D’Amore thinks it needs to be bigger and we have a ten man tag.

Post break, Ace and Fulton recruit Brian Myers to their team, who agrees without a second thought.

Rhino is still in prison with Violent By Design as Eric Young tries to cleanse him. Young pours water over Rhino’s head and declares him new.

Rich Swann vs. Karl Anderson

Bunkhouse Brawl, meaning street fight, so there are some plywood boards set up in the corner and weapons at ringside. Swann starts fast by flip diving onto Luke Gallows and then sending Anderson through one of the boards in the corner. There’s a kick to Anderson’s head on the ramp and Swann whips him hard into the apron. A low blow cuts Gallows off again and Anderson gets one of his own. Swann takes a bit too much time though and Anderson unloads on him with a trashcan lid. There’s a suplex onto the ramp to keep Swann in trouble and we take a break.

Back with Anderson wedging a chair in the corner but getting thrown face first into it instead. Not that it matters as Anderson throws him through a board in the corner because the Elite doesn’t sell their head hitting a chair. Anderson misses a running trashcan lid shot and crotches himself though, allowing Swann to make the comeback. Gallows offers a distraction though and a spinebuster cuts Swann down again.

The Gun Stun is blocked with a handstand so Anderson blasts him with a clothesline. A table is loaded up but Swann kicks Anderson in the face and goes up top. That’s broken up thanks to a distraction though and they switch places, with Anderson coming off the top with a Gun Stun (not) through the table to finish Swann at 13:38.

Rating: B-. Anderson’s selling issues aside, this was a hard hitting brawl with Swann fighting for revenge for his friend. The numbers game caught up with him in the end though as we continue the build to the big Tag Team Title match (and likely change). This is an easy story but it is working out well, assuming you can ignore Anderson shrugging off being sent head first into a chair.

We get a sitdown interview with Mickie James, who didn’t like Deonna Purrazzo attacking her at NWA 73. She’s bringing back Hardcore Country to go after Purrazzo.

Matthew Rehwoldt talks about how this is art and he is coming for Trey Miguel.

Flashback Moment of the Week: Chris Sabin wins the X-Division Title at Bound For Glory 2013 in Ultimate X (with the help of a ladder).

Josh Alexander doesn’t think as much of Chris Sabin being an eight time X-Division Champion because it means he’s an eight time loser. Christian Cage comes up to introduce himself and gets Alexander on his team for next week. Alexander seems interested in the World Title.

Rohit Raju says Chelsea Green wanted to be kneed in the face last week because she wanted a real man to take control. Well that was disturbing.

Chris Bey vs. David Finlay

Rematch from two weeks ago where Bey cheated to win. Bey hides in the corner to start and then goes to the floor to hide again. It’s kind of easy to see a professional wrestler outside of the ring though and Finlay goes outside to chop away. Bey flips out of a belly to back suplex and runs back inside, only to get elbowed in the face. A backsplash gives Finlay two but Bey is back with an elbow to the back of the head. Bey hits a corner enziguri into a top rope clothesline for two but the Art of Finesse is blocked.

Now the belly to back suplex can connect and a Rock Bottom backbreaker gives Finlay two more. An STF has Bey in big trouble and we’ll switch that to a Crossface like the cool kids do these days. Make that the Rings of Saturn, with Bey finally making it over to the ropes. Bey jumps over him in the corner though and grabs a spinebuster for two. Some YES (or BEY in this case) kicks rock Finlay but here is Juice Robinson to break up Bey’s cheating pins. The distraction lets Finlay get his own pin at 8:43.

Rating: B. I liked this one a good bit and that shouldn’t be a surprise. Bey has been a consistently solid star and Finlay is rather talented as well. They got some time on their own and the ending was the right way to go as it tied into what they did before. Good match here, as the story continues without much in the way of ridiculous moments.

Post match the beatdown seems imminent but Hikuelo, the giant Bullet Club member, comes in for the save. Robinson’s leg gets Pillmanized to make it worse.

We go backstage for the Chris Sabin/Josh Alexander contract signing for the X-Division Title match at Victory Road. Sabin respects Alexander and signs. Alexander points out the eight losses and says Sabin isn’t winning again before signing as well. Scott D’Amore says they’re both great and gets a handshake as Alexander leaves without incident. Christian Cage comes in and gets Sabin on his team as well.

TJP, Fallah Bahh and No Way come in to Swinger’s Palace and don’t like the odds on Steve Maclin vs. Petey Williams. It’s time to fix that.

Steve Maclin vs. Petey Williams

Maclin doesn’t waste time and counters a crossbody into a suplex. A butterfly backbreaker has Williams in more trouble but he chokes back up with chops and right hands. Williams German suplexes him out of the corner into the spinning Russian legsweep. There’s the dropkick through the ropes into a dive onto Maclin, setting up the slingshot Codebreaker. The Canadian Destroyer is loaded up but here are No Way, Fallah Bahh and TJP, and the Conga Line, to interrupt. Maclin’s reverse inverted DDT driver is enough to finish the distracted Williams at 3:29.

Rating: D+. Not much of a match as it didn’t exactly have time to go anywhere before the distraction finish, but Maclin winning in the end is the right call. They might have a little something here with Maclin and that is a good thing for Impact. The company needs some stars who haven’t had a big run yet and Maclin could fit that bill. That being said, a second straight distraction finish might not be the best way, especially when he needed a save against Petey Williams.

Williams glares at TJP, who doesn’t seem to think much of it.

We look at W. Morrissey and Moose taking out Eddie Edwards last week.

Eddie Edwards doesn’t care about the odds but Sami Callihan comes in to interrupt. Christian Cage comes in to break that up and gets them on his team as well. Sami is in, but Eddie says it’s one or the other.

W. Morrissey and Moose interrupt Ace Austin’s interview to say they’re in for next week. That’s cool for Austin.

Victory Road rundown.

Moose vs. Eddie Edwards

Moose runs Eddie over to start and sends him straight into the corner. Eddie chops his way out of the corner and snaps off the rapid fire chops to get a breather. That’s too much for Moose, who runs him over again. They head outside with Eddie getting posted as we take an early break.

Back with Eddie catching him with an enziguri on top, setting up a super hurricanrana. They chop it out until Eddie manages to turn him inside out with a clothesline. A missed charge in the corner lets Eddie hit the Boston Knee Party but Morrissey puts Moose’s foot on the ropes. Back up and Moose hits the spear for the pin at 10:26.

Rating: C. This was shorter than I was expecting but at least they let Moose get a win. You don’t see that enough anymore and again, the numbers game plays a factor. They are definitely focusing on that idea more and more lately and it is a different way to go around here. At least there seems to be a focus, and that is a good thing.

Post match the beating is on but Chris Sabin runs in for the save, setting off a rapid fire series of people involved in next week’s ten man tag. Alisha Edwards comes in to try and save Eddie but gets caught by Morrissey. Cue Sami Callihan with a bat each for himself and Eddie and the ring is cleared again. The bats are clinked together and Christian’s team is complete to end the show.

Overall Rating: B-. This started to go downhill a bit near the end but at least they had a good enough first hour to carry the show. What we got here was a lot of stuff to set up future shows but there was enough here to make it work on its own. It’s a solid show, which has become the norm around here more often than not.

Rosemary b. Tasha Steelz – Spear
Karl Anderson b. Rich Swann – Gun Stun onto a table
David Finlay b. Chris Bey – Rollup
Steve Maclin b. Petey Williams – Reverse inverted DDT driver
Moose b. Eddie Edwards – Spear



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