Impact, Indies, and Insanity: September 9, 2021

ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL!?  The NFL’s first Game of the Week of the Day is tonight, as the Buccaneers kick off Tom Brady’s 92854th season against the Cowboys.

Tonight on Impact: Rich Swann battles Karl Anderson; Moose and Eddie Edwards meet once again; David Finlay IV looks to avenge the injury to Juice by taking on Chris Bey; Steve Maclin and Petey Williams get their rematch after the first bout was settled by low blow; half of the Women’s Tag champs Rosemary faces Tasha Steelz; and it’s a barnburner on the pre-show as Laredo Kid meets John Skyler!

After the jump, we review your viewing options for independent wrestling — who knows, maybe you’ll find the next AEW Dark superstar!

All right, let’s go around the country to see what we got!  All shows in this recap are available on IWTV.

  • CLEVELAND, OH — AIW is back in action with Sunny Days (Friday, 7:30PMET), and yes, Tammy Sytch will be in the house!  But there’s also wrestling as Anthony Greene faces Lee Moriarty!  Rhino is in action!  Ethan Wright faces Mance Warner!  Tag titles are on the line when the Rip City Shooters challenge the Philly-Marino Experience!  And more!
  • CHICAGO, IL — Freelance Wrestling is about luck and skill with some concentrated power of will, and they’re ready to run Remember the Name (Friday, 8PMCT)!  Bryce Benjamin steps up against EFFY!  GPA is back from being murdered on Dark to face Dan Adams!  Plus Darin Corbin, Blair Onyx, Devon Monroe, and more!
  • SAN FRANCISCO, CA — West Coast Pro is back and running I Hate You With A Passion (Friday, 7PMPT)!  Alex Hammerstone defends the big gold against AJ Gray!  Kevin Blackwood looks to get the edge on Calvin Tankman!  Reno SCUM face off against Myron Reed and Trey Miguel!  PLUS — Vinnie Massaro, Chris Bey, Starboy Charlie, and more!
  • RIDGEFIELD PARK, NJ — Is it live or is it Memorex?  Who knows when Pro Wrestling Magic presents the Cinematic Masterpiece (Saturday, 630PMET)!  Erica Leigh puts the big gold on the line against Killian McMurphy!  Darius Carter puts the Dark Arts secondary title on the line against Everett Cross!  The women’s title features two people I’m very fond of in Jordan Blade facing Lady Frost!  Plus a four way for the Juniors title, Maine State Posse in action, and more!
  • COLUMBUS, OH — Paradigm Pro, a UWFi-style promotion, is bringing it with Heavy Hitters 3 (Saturday, 7PMET)!  In this tournament, 10 singles fights will qualify ten fighters for a Gauntlet for the Gold-style finale to determine the champion!  In addition, sister promotion OWA is defending their title at the event, as Tre LaMar looks to retain against JDX!
  • ORLANDO, FL — No Peace Underground, a quickly-rising no-ring deathmatch-style promotion, continues their journey with Gauntlet of Death 3 (Saturday, 8PMET)!  As of now, five people are entered in the title event, but in addition, we’re getting Mickie Knuckles against AJ Gray and Parrow defending the big gold against Neil DiamondCutter!

We have a beauty of an Independent Match of the Week for you, from Indianapolis, IN — Canadian technician Daniel Makabe takes on former IWTV Champion and darling of Dark Lee Moriarty!