What the World Was Watching: WWF Superstars – June 9, 1990

Vince McMahon and Jesse Ventura call the action and they are still in LaCrosse, Wisconsin.

Opening Contest:  The Hart Foundation (12-0-1) defeat Spike Jones & the Brooklyn Brawler when Bret Hart pins Jones after the Hart Attack at 3:34:

Curiously, this is the Foundation’s first match on Superstars this year.  As the match begins, the Foundation argue that Demolition fear them.  After pounding away on Jones, the Foundation finish him off, barely breaking a sweat.

For the Update segment Gene Okerlund hypes a Hulk Hogan friendship bracelet.  He pledges to wear his until Hulk Hogan successfully recovers.  Tugboat complains that not enough fans are writing to Hogan, and he begs them to contribute, lest Hogan give up on Hulkamania altogether.

Ronnie Garvin’s squash from Prime Time Wrestling airs.

Jake Roberts (11-1) pins Tom Burton after a DDT at 1:52:

Trained by Greco-Roman wrestler and AWA talent Brad Rheingans, Burton started working as an enhancement talent for the WWF in 1988.  He fulfilled that same role for the AWA.  His best run in 1990 took place in Memphis, where he teamed with Tony Anthony as part of a tag team called the Dirty White Boys.  The duo won the USWA Tag Team Championship around the time of this show.

Roberts wears some red and yellow tights for the match, a color scheme he did not use for many matches in his career.  Roberts pulls Burton into a short-arm clothesline and wins a fifth straight bout with the DDT.

After the bell, Bad News Brown charges the ring and attacks Roberts.  After knocking him out of the ring, Brown goes after Damien as Ventura hypes his courage.  He drags the snake bag into the middle of the ring and grabs a chair but before any damage can be done, Roberts intercedes, pulls Damien from the bag, and Brown runs away through the crowd.

Non-Title Match:  Mr. Perfect (Intercontinental Champion w/Bobby Heenan) (17-2) pins Jim Powers after the Perfectplex at 2:31:

In the split screen, Perfect and Heenan promise to make a fool out of Brutus Beefcake.  Perfect has wrestled regularly since winning the Intercontinental Championship, the perfect way to rehabilitate him after he lost his big feud with Hulk Hogan.  Despite McMahon and Ventura talking up Powers, Perfect quickly mows him down without much trouble.

After recapping the events of last week’s Nikolai Volkoff-Boris Zhukov match, Brother Love interviews Zhukov.  The crowd sweetening makes it tough to hear Zhukov, but the gist is that he considers Volkoff a traitor.

Tugboat (9-0) pins Paul Diamond (1-2) after a splash at 1:41:

In keeping with comments earlier in the show, Tugboat tosses several Hogan friendship bracelets into the crowd.  That bothers Dino Bravo and Jimmy Hart, who do an insert promo about taking Tugboat out as favor to their buddy Earthquake.  Diamond tries to jump on Tugboat several times but that fails because he is giving up too much weight.  An avalanche and splash keep Tugboat’s push going, but this Popeye ripoff gimmick is

Ted DiBiase and Virgil report on site in Cobb County, Georgia, talking with a construction worker who says he was in Cobb County Correctional Institute and the Big Bossman treated him worse than a dog, coming into his cell at night, handcuffing him, and beating him up.  Too bad DiBiase could not find Nailz during his time in Cobb County.  A vignette like this is what the feud needs to get to the next level.

Okerlund does his own reporting in Cobb County, coming across a construction foreman, who says that the man Ted DiBiase talked to earlier does not work there.  He insists that the Big Bossman would not beat up anyone, a claim that does not stand up under scrutiny because the Bossman beats up opponents after his matches!  Based on the evidence, it seems like DiBiase’s witness has the inside scoop!

Rhythm & Blues (w/Jimmy Hart) (13-0-1) defeat Warren Bianchi & Jim Brunzell when Greg Valentine pins Bianchi after a double back suplex at 3:14:

Brunzell lost to Rhythm & Blues with Omar Atlas two weeks ago but a new partner does not change his fortunes, surrendering the early advantage that Brunzell gains against the Honky Tonk Man.  Rhythm & Blues are not an exciting team, but they are getting a strong push because they are the only remaining heel team on the roster.

Tune in next week to see Nikolai Volkoff, the Big Bossman, Earthquake, the Rockers, and Rick Rude in action!  Also, Brother Love will interview Randy Savage and Sensational Sherri!

The Last Word:  This is just the second week of the “Get Well Hulk” campaign, and it has already jumped the shark, appearing as nothing more than a cheap new merchandise effort by the WWF.  Also, Tugboat cannot sell the segments on an emotional level.  It would have been far better to have Brutus Beefcake do it, since he had the closest on-screen relationship with Hogan, but Beefcake is feuding with Mr. Perfect and the WWF did not want to divide his attention.  Even Hacksaw Jim Duggan would have been a better fit because of his ongoing feud with Earthquake in Hogan’s stead.  Aside from that, this was a fun show that spiced up existing feuds.  The Jake Roberts-Bad News Brown segment is the best feud on television right now, largely due to Brown’s character work.  And Ted DiBiase going to Cobb County constitutes such a cultural clash that one cannot help but be entertained.

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