Blog of DOOM Daily Thread – 7th September 2021

Happy Tuesday Everyone!

Decided instead of doing the usual schedule and news today I’ll just give my thoughts on AEW All Out match-by-match after the break line. We’ll go back to normal from Wednesday. Apologies if you don’t care about what I thought of the show.

Overall I thought the show was great, if a little bit too long.

Miro Vs Kingston
Enjoyed this quite a bit. A nice old fashioned slug fest between two big lads who like to throw hands. I know some didn’t like the reffing but I thought some of the ref spots were pretty clever, especially the whole turnbuckle pad bit

Moxley Vs Kojima
It might have been a bit of a mistake to put two similar matches back to back like this, especially as this one was probably the weaker of the two. I still enjoyed it though and thought Kojima looked better than others did. I was also suitably jazzed by the stuff in the post-match and I look forward to Dynamite this week for the payoff

Baker Vs Statlander
Some sloppy moments but I enjoyed it for the most part. Baker’s character work is on point and Statlander’s gimmick gets a pop from me. Interestingly the live crowd was apparently arguing with one another over whether they wanted Tessa Blanchard to come in or not

Luchas Vs Bucks
Worth the pay per view price all by itself this one. I know some don’t like The Bucks’ ring style, and I certainly wouldn’t want to see every match be like this, but as something different on a varied show like this I thought it was excellent. I loved the near falls as well, as they had me more than once in either direction. I disagree with the “best cage match ever” shouts though as that’s still either Tully Vs Magnum or the first Hell in a Cell for me

Casino Battle Royale
Fun rumble and the reaction for Ruby Soho warmed my heart

Jericho Vs MJF
This one started kind of slow but they built it well and I was into it by the end. I loved the finish too as the only reason the second ref was down there was because Wardlow had ran down, so if MJF hadn’t cheated then he might have won, but he’s a Heel so his deceitful behaviour was punished because wrestling is the ultimate morality play

Punk Vs Allin
Controversially I think I may have enjoyed the Jericho match more than this one. I still thought it wasn’t bad for Punk being out of the ring for as long as he has and I also felt Darby gained something from it even in defeat. Still a decent outing, but it looks like Punk is going to ease himself back in a bit and that’s probably wise. Once he has a real feud to really get his teeth into though then I think we’ll see him have some great matches as storytelling as always been his thing more than anything else

Wight Vs Marshall
Wight looked like he was struggling out there and I’m very worried about that eventual match with Billy Gunn

Omega Vs Christian
I probably enjoyed the Rampage match more but I still thought this was a very good match and the post-match stuff was excellent. D-Bry needs better music though. Throw some money Offspring’s way so he can start using “Self Esteem” again

Big thumbs up for the show and an easy recommendation!

Have a gooden everyone!!