What the World Was Watching: WWF Prime Time Wrestling – June 4, 1990

Gorilla Monsoon and Bobby Heenan host this evening’s show.  Monsoon rails against Heenan telling viewers at the end of last week’s show that he was the real host of the program, all while Monsoon was trying to get an update on Hulk Hogan’s condition.  Heenan says he does not care about Hogan anymore because he is not the WWF Champion, so since Hogan no longer has something Heenan wants he cares nothing about his condition.

Opening Contest:  The Big Bossman (13-1) pins Black Bart after the Bossman Slam at 1:55:

These two previously competed against each other on the March 18 edition of Wrestling Challenge.  Bart lasts longer this time but still fails to muster much offense against the Bossman, who shows heelish tendencies by attacking Bart before the bell and spitting on him.  In the split screen, Ted DiBiase runs down Cobb County, Georgia, comparing the lifestyle of people there to his own.  After the match, the Bossman handcuffs Bart to the top rope and wears him out with the nightstick.

Gene Okerlund’s Update segment encourages fans to write to Hulk Hogan.  Afterward, Monsoon explains Hogan’s possible injuries in creative anatomical terms.

A replay of the Bad News Brown squash on Wrestling Challenge airs.

Heenan feigns that he is going to write a get well note to Hulk Hogan so that Okerlund gets off his back.

Hercules (9-2) defeats Paul Diamond (1-1) via submission to a torture rack at 4:47:

Even though Hercules has not won a big match this year this bout still puts him over as a force as he throws Diamond around the ring.  Diamond takes a few powders to break Hercules’ momentum, but they do not do much good and nothing he throws at Hercules works.  After taking some clotheslines, Diamond is put into the torture rack and submitted.  Rating:  ½*

The Orient Express squash from Superstars is shown.  Heenan says that Mr. Fuji is part of a Japanese invasion of America and one day they will own a lot of it.

After a commercial break, Heenan says that the way Hulk Hogan will check the cards he gets is to shake them first for money and then look at the card to see how much it cost.  Monsoon is so offended he threatens to throw Heenan off the show.  Later, Heenan says he will be happy to take any gifts off Hogan’s hands like bonds or jewelry.

Ronnie Garvin (5-3) beats Tom Stone via submission to the reverse figure-four leg lock at 2:14:

Garvin has not been on television since a squash in early April.  Sean Mooney talks about how Garvin has an issue with Rick Martel, who appears in the split screen and says that he is not impressed by anything that Garvin does.  That is the laziest way to book a feud in the history of wrestling.  Garvin beats up Stone with some chops and submits him with the reverse figure-four after the Garvin Stomp.

Promo time with Sean Mooney!  The Genius tells fans that they can buy friends and should do whatever it takes to get ahead.  The Hart Foundation tell Demolition can study all of the footage of them as they want but it will not help them keep their tag team titles.

Al Perez (3-0-1) beats Mark Young after a German suplex at 10:20 shown:

This match is from the London Gardens on April 29 and is joined in progress.  Those poor fans sat through the awful Koko B. Ware-Brooklyn Brawler match that was on last week’s telecast and suffer through another bad one here.  They work up a loud “Boring!” chant in protest.  Perez last appeared on television against Tito Santana in March, and it is not a good sign that he is wrestling a competitive match with a jobber.  Perez shows flashes of interesting offense by stun gunning Young to break a flying headscissors effort and using a flying forearm, but he does not sustain it, relying too much on rest holds.  The most that can be said about the match is Perez shows nice snap on the German suplex that finishes, but this was another horrible Prime Time star versus jobber match that went too long.

The Nikolai Volkoff-Boris Zhukov match from Superstars airs.

A replay of the Brother Love segment with Rick Rude and Heenan from Superstars is shown.

The Rockers (9-2-1) defeat Tom Bennett & Jeff Johnson when Shawn Michaels pins Johnson after a double flying fist drop at 3:36:

As the match starts, the Orient Express and Mr. Fuji do an insert promo reiterating how the Rockers do not impress them.  The roster needs to get new material for their promos because there is too much “I am not impressed with (x)” happening lately.  The Rockers offense is subdued in this squash as they prefer to stay grounded.  Marty Jannetty uses a Rocker Dropper to lay out Johnson and set him up for the finish.

Monsoon tells Heenan that he will get on his knees if he has to in order to get fans to write to Hulk Hogan.

More promo time with Mooney!  The Barbarian and Heenan talk about climbing the mountain in the WWF as Heenan calls out Jim Powers, Tito Santana, Hercules, and Jimmy Snuka, filling out his man’s dance card in the lower midcard.  Brutus Beefcake says that 1990 is going to be his year and that he cannot wait to get a piece of Intercontinental Champion Mr. Perfect.

Monsoon puts over the Hasbro figures because they can each do a cool move.  He says they are a bit hit with the youngsters.  Heenan says that Rude’s can do all kinds of things, like beat up the Ultimate Warrior’s figure.

Akeem (w/Slick) (6-3) pins Scott Colton after a splash at 1:36:

Akeem dances a lot, drops some elbows on Colton, and wins with a splash.

Dusty Rhodes’ squash from Superstars is shown.

Hacksaw Jim Duggan’s squash from Superstars airs.

Monsoon takes another chance to give the address that fans need to use to write to Hulk Hogan.  Heenan insists that he do it, reading the address too quickly for another to get it down.

Dino Bravo (w/Jimmy Hart) (15-3-2) pins Jim Brunzell (0-1) after a sidewalk slam at 5:43:

Brunzell ties Bravo up in a lot of pinning combinations to start the match but Bravo dominates after taking a powder to regroup.  Brunzell gets one more flourish at the end and hits his dropkick, but Bravo drapes his foot over the bottom rope to break and then catches Brunzell off the ropes with the sidewalk slam to win his fourth straight bout.  This had a good start and finish, but the middle was boring.  Bravo was headlining some house shows against the Ultimate Warrior, so the WWF still sees value in him as a single.  Rating:  *

Tune in next week to see Mr. Perfect against Jim Powers!  Also, Haku will appear!

The Last Word:  There was a lot of uninspired wrestling on this broadcast.  When the Rockers sleepwalk their way through a squash match then you know the show is bad.

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