AEW ELEVATION: September 6, 2021

The PG Era Rant for AEW Elevation Episode 27 (“All Out Fallout”), September 6, 2021.

From Chicago, IL.

Your hosts are Tony Schiavone, Eddie Kingston, and Paul Wight.

TONIGHT! Kiera Hogan and Blair Onyx go for their first win! It’s power against speed as JD Drake battles Dante Martin! Bear Country looks to destroy Ryan Nemeth and Peter Avalon! Some rivalries never die, and we have Anthony Bowens facing Griff Garrison! And in a six-man main event, Chaos Project teams with Rickey Shane Page to take on the supertrio of Jon Moxley, Eddie Kingston, and Darby Allin!

PLUS – Red Velvet, Riho, Nyla Rose, Emi Sakura, Lance Archer, and the Dark Order team of John Silver and Preston Vance!

“All Out will go down as the greatest PPV ever in AEW.” For once, Tony isn’t exaggerating at the start of our highlight package.

But first, Bear Country wears fur!? Fur is murder! Yes, the Wingmen are mocking Bear Country. Newsflash: tonight, they’re getting a hostile makeover. And speaking of, Dante Martin and the hoodie? 1997 called, they want their fashion back! Tonight, JD Drake faces him – and it doesn’t matter how old Dante is, his next outfit will be his last.

(There appears to be a little bit of lag in the intro, let’s hope it doesn’t last.)

Opening match: Ryan Nemeth and Peter Avalon (first time teaming) vs. Bear Country (7-2). Wight claims that Avalon’s mustache is holding him back. They then mock Nemeth’s award, whatever that is. Bononi and Drake will stay in the back. Kingston gives Bear Boulder props for completing the match against Jurassic Express with a torn bicep.

Avalon jumps Bronson from behind to start the match hot. Bronson comes back with a back elbow into a slam. Bronson boxes Avalon in the corner, then drags him over and brings in Boulder. Avalon escapes a powerslam, and Nemeth comes in ducking and dodging Boulder’s strikes. He then dances, which is just asking for trouble, and indeed, he turns around into a double-choke. Avalon jumps on Boulder’s back, but Boulder pulls him off and sends Nemeth flying off a tackle. Bronson back in, but Avalon stops a whip and helps Nemeth low-bridge Boulder. Bronson launches Avalon to the apron, but Nemeth with a dropkick and Avalon gets one off of it. Avalon chokes Bronson and brings in Nemeth, who gets a one-count before riding Bronson down with a hammerlock.

Wight: “If you looked like [Nemeth] did, what would you call yourself?”

Kingston: “Not a Hunk… maybe the Other Brother? HEYO!”

Avalon in to continue working Bronson over on the middle rope, then he brings in Nemeth for double clubbing. Avalon returns, but Bronson fights out of the corner until the Wingmen get a double dropkick for two. Avalon tries to knock Boulder off the apron, but that backfires and Bronson gets an Exploder. Boulder in, and he runs both men over before squashing Nemeth in the corner. Avalon goes up top, but Boulder catches him while Nemeth is on his back, and it’s a Samoan Drop / fallaway slam at the same time for a great ovation. Bronson in, and the Totem Pole Splash wins at 5:12.

But Cezar Bononi and JD Drake attack after the match, with Avalon encouraging them to change their ugly faces. Boulder recovers as the Wingmen bail. And Avalon promises JD Drake will win later tonight. Good power team vs comedy jobber match, and Bear Country vs Bononi/Drake is going to be hosstastic. *1/4

Emi Sakura (w/Lulu Pencil) (4-1) vs. Missa Kate (0-2). When discussing Sakura’s training prowess, Kingston refers to Hikaru Shida as the “benchmark of the women’s division”. Meanwhile, Sakura throws her robe onto Lulu.

Sakura refuses Code of Honor and we get a test of strength. Sakura wins that easily, ending by stepping on Kate’s fingers and biting the hand. Big chop in the corner, then Sakura cackles as she beals Kate across the ring. Backrake sets up the Romero Special with nerve hold. Kingston namedrops Mr. Wrestling II as Sakura looks for the butterfly suplex, but she needs a backrake and still Kate backdrops out.

Sakura tries to make it a sunset flip, but Kate rolls through into a shotgun dropkick for two. Roundhouse enzuigiri gets two. Sakura comes back with a big palm strike, then a lariat as Kate falls into the corner. Sakura with the corner Rock You crossbody, then the butterfly backbreaker… but she picks Kate up at two! Stalling tiger backbreaker wins for real at 3:09. Sakura needs to stop singing Queen to be the 100% heel she can be. 1/2*

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Lance Archer (19-3) vs. GPA (no intro). Archer is nice enough to give GPA a lift and carry what’s left of him to the ring.

GPA ducks and dodges until he gets turned inside out by a Steinerline. Suplex throw follows, then a charging avalanche. He puts GPA on the top rope and clotheslines him off, then the chokeslam follows. Big chop in the corner sets up the Blackout to win at 1:20. GPA? He ded.

FIRST WIN ALERT: Blair Onyx (0-1) vs. Kiera Hogan (0-3). I dunno about you, but I’m betting on the one who got an entrance. That would be Hogan. Kingston says something about Hogan bothers him, but Wight points out lots of things bother Kingston… and he bothers a lot of people, so it’s all even.

Hogan with a waistlock, and she escapes one with a wristlock. Onyx reverses, but Hogan fights out and chops her in the corner. Onyx cartwheels out of the corner and does the spider dodge, then cradles Hogan for two. Hogan comes back with a high kick and corner lariat, then a sliding single-leg dropkick on a slumped Onyx. It gets two. Hogan slugs Onyx, who Matrixes and pushes herself up, but Hogan ducks a clothesline and gets a SUPERKICK. Fisherman’s swinging neckbreaker (which pops the heck out of Kingston and is called Face the Music by Schiavone) wins the match at 1:32. FIRST WIN ALERT! I like how Kingston went from “whatever” to “okay, you have my attention”.

Meanwhile, Big Swole recaps her feud with Diamante and demands a Three Strikes match, where you have to win via pinfall, then submission, then KO. Diamante says that when they reach knockout, it’s her advantage because she has the chain on her side. Coming soon. (I believe they mean two out of three falls style, but they weren’t obvious.)

Nyla Rose (w/Vickie Guerrero) (19-4) vs. Laynie Luck (0-2). At least Kingston knows the pyro’s coming now and braces himself for it.

Luck gets the jump on Nyla with kicks, but Rose crushes her in the corner and lands a big boot. Vader attack follows as Laynie falls out of the ring, where Nyla stalks her and delivers a clothesline. She tosses Luck into the apron, then back in, but Luck comes back with forearms and a rana… attempt. Yeah, that becomes the Beast Bomb to win at 1:26 or so. No opening bell, so I’m going on first contact. Deal with it.

Anthony Bowens (24-12) vs. Griff Garrison (w/Julia Hart) (23-10). So this would be pre-injury Hart. Oh, sorry, more on that on the missing Dark episode on Thursday. Kingston shouts out Balls Mahoney because Bowens is from Nutley, NJ. No sign of Pillman Jr right now. Soming soon: Saturday Night Dynamite, October 16, from Miami.

Lockup, and Bowens gets Garrison in the corner. Garrison ducks a chop and gets one of his own, but Bowens tries to avoid another only to be unable to do so. Bowens goes up and over Garrison but runs into a clothesline and slam. Legdrop follows for one, brother, and Bowens bails. He sees Hart and begins talking to her, which allows Garrison to come up from behind with a big boot. Big kick off the apron is caught by Bowens, who gets Garrison in a fireman’s carry and drops him on the apron. Back in, Bowens goes ground-and-pound on Garrison, then taunts the crowd. He then CLUBBERS Garrison for two.

Atlantis Stretch with a cravat follows, but Garrison gets his hand free and elbows out into a snapmare. Blind charge eats boot, and Bowens with a Blockbuster for two. Garrison blocks some shots and fires back, but Bowens with a boot. Discus clothesline by Bowens misses and Garrison begins the comeback. Second rope springboard spinning uppercut by Garrison (!!) leads to the long-distance Stinger Splash. Falcon Arrow gets two (as Kingston mocks Excalibur’s enthusiasm of that move). Bowens tries an O’Connor Roll, but Garrison escapes only to get hit with a SUPERKICK.

Brainbuster by Bowens gets two. Big chop follows, and Bowens drapes Garrison to try a headcracker. Garrison escapes, but Bowens ducks Air Pillman (yes, by Garrison) and both men nails Discus Punches at the same time for a double-down. Bowens reaches for the JVC KABOOM BOX OF DEATH, but the referee yanks it from him… and Max Caster races back from sensitivity training to clock Garrison with a chain! Bowens gets the pin at 6:11. But before the Acclaimed can celebrate too much, Brian Pillman Jr. races in with a pool cue to clean house. It’s not over. ** And now that he’s back, people can shut up about his punishment.

Red Velvet (25-6) vs. Queen Aminata. Kingston: “She ain’t out of my mama’s kitchen!” Your Dynamite calender this month: Cincinnati, Newark, Queens, TBD.

Aminata jumps Velvet from behind and hammers away, then catches Velvet with a backbreaker. Snap suplex follows, then a Rikishi hip check in the corner. With some extracurriculars. It gets one. Big soccer kick gets one. Aminata carries Velvet around, but Velvet lands on her feet and wins a boxing sequence. Back elbow and Velvet ducks a big boot to get Sling Blades. Casadora bulldog (thought it took all Velvet had) floors Aminata, which allows Velvet double knees against the ropes. Velvet ducks a forearm, and the Final Slice wins it at 2:32. Hard to judge Aminata from three minutes, but it seemed all right to me. 1/2*

Meanwhile, The Dark Order talks. Evil Uno apologizes for running off Alex Reynolds and says that if anyone else is mad about his decisions, bring them up now. Angels says he’s mad Uno acts like the leader when he let Alex walk and let Page get beat up by the Elite. Uno counters by saying it’s not easy doing what is best for everyone as the leader. Angels says if Uno wants to be the leader, fight him! Uno is reluctant to do so, but fine, if that’s what they want, we’ll have it. Grayson and Colt disagree as to whether this is a good idea. Adam Page can’t get back to fix this mend fast enough.

John Silver (11-3) and Preston Vance (24-4) vs. Travis Titan and Isaiah Moore (first time teaming). So they’re really doing a disarray storyline when the group has never been hotter? Angels and Colt accompany them to the ring.

Silver and Moore start. Silver with a headlock as the crowd chants Johnny Hungee, and we go International~!. Silver with a dropkick and Vance in, and they get a double shoulderblock. Titan in, but Vance throws him into the corner and Hammer Throws him. Corner clothesline and he pump kicks Moore off the apron. An attempt to Titan misses and Titan mocks the Dark Order before cornering Vance and bringing in Moore. Moore with a corner splash and Titan returns with a corner forearm.

They then mock Silver with a pose, but that allows Vance to recover and clothesline both men. Silver in, but Moore catches him in the gut. Silver recovers with a simultaneous 1-on-2 suplex before lawn darting Moore into Titan. He tosses Moore out of the ring and brings in Vance, who pump kicks Titan and gets the SPINEBUSTER. Moore springboards into a spear from Vance, and Silver kicks Titan in the back of the head. UFO by Silver into the full nelson for the win at 3:15. Wight, summarizing my feelings on this entire angle: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” 1/2*

JD Drake (2-8) vs. Dante Martin (16-5). Loving the Big Bubba Rogers look for Drake. Kingston has left commentary to get ready for his match tonight. Meanwhile, Schiavone and Wight talk about what happened with Gunn Club, which kind of gives away this was taped prior to All Out. (Then again, if you’re watching this show, you knew that.)

Trash-talking to start, and Martin gets a waistlock only for Drake to shove him off. Martin tries a rana, but Drake blocks. Criss-cross (with Martin getting MASSIVE vertical), but Drake with a shot to the gut. He puts his head down, though, and Martin backflips off his back (even Drake is impressed) before using the ropes to block a hiptoss and get a dropkick. Drake bails, so Martin follows and stares down Bononi, which allows Drake the rebound forearm. Back in, Martin tries to fight back only to get slammed to the ground head-first.

Drake with a big chop to send Martin to the outside, where the other Wingmen make him over. Back in, Martin lands on his feet on a powerbomb and gets a pair of dropkicks. Drake launches Martin to the apron, but Martin with an enzuigiri and he flips over Drake. Pele knocks Drake down, but Martin is in rough shape on the landing. Drake has the ref’s attention, but Martin shoves Nemeth into Avalon only to run into an elbow from Drake.

Hammer Throw try, but Martin launches himself over the turnbuckle into the Wingmen! Back in, Martin with a sunset flip on Drake for two. Drake with the Claymore and Bossman Slam for two. Cannonball by Drake misses, and Martin with the double-jump moonsault press to win at 4:55. This match would’ve been so much better if the Three Stooges weren’t at ringside. *1/4

Riho (12-5) vs. Skye Blue (0-3). Well, given the crowd turned Red Velvet heel against Skye according to what I read, what’ll happen here. As a reminder, this was taped before All Out, so Blue hasn’t been on PPV yet, though yes she has.

Code of Honor to start. Lockup is a stalemate as they milk the face/face dynamic (they’re learning). Skye with a waistlock, but Riho reverses and they exchange wristlocks. Skye with a hammerlock, into a waistlock takedown, but Riho gets out with neckscissors. Both women with quick one-counts off a legsweep, and Riho wins the exchange with a dropkick. Riho with a bow-and-arrow, bouncing Skye on her shins. Skye in the corner, and Riho stomps away. Blind charge misses, though, and Skye with a spinning leg lariat and cartwheel uppercut.

Snapmare follows, for two. Skye with an armbar, but Riho cradles her for two to break. Riho catches a kick and nails a forearm, eventually drop toeholding Skye into the middle rope. Area Code Kick follows and Riho goes up, and the diving crossbody gets two. Riho instantly into a crossface, but Skye makes the ropes. Riho goes back up, but the double-stomp misses and Skye with a SUPERKICK for a close two that the crowd WANTED to be the finish.

Shiranui is shoved off and Riho with a flying knee, then a Northern Lights suplex for two. Meteora by Riho wins at 4:58. Both women were having a blast out there – they could barely contain their smiles at times. The two HUG IT OUT post-match. *1/2

Main event: Luther, Serpentico, and Rickey Shane Page (first time as a trio) vs. Jon Moxley (38-3-1), Eddie Kingston (12-6), and Darby Allin (w/IT’S STING) (#3 men, 22-3). Page and Serpentico don’t seem to be on the same page to start, but Luther kind of tries to get them to get their act together. Well, as Luther does. Allin enters first, then Moxley and Kingston through the crowd as they sing along to Wild Thing. Yeah, this feels like a house show main event already. Wight: “If Eddie Kingston doesn’t hook the leg tonight on the cover, I’ll never let him live it down.”

Moxley and Kingston clear the ring to start and brawl with Page and Luther on the floor, throwing them into the guardrail as Kingston bites Page’s ear. This means Allin and Serpentico start, and Allin with a quick Code Red for two. He wants the Coffin Drop, but Serpentico bails to the opposite corner and suckers Allin in. Allin recovers with a shotgun dropkick, but Serpentico won’t keep his shoulders down so Allin pounds on him some more. Luther trips Allin off the middle rope, and Serpentico with a dropkick before bringing in Luther.

This causes Moxley and Kingston to come in with a chair, but the referee clears everything out before anything happens. Meanwhile, Luther pummels Allin in the corner and gets an enzuigiri. Serpentico returns, and Luther slams Allin to the mat, then facebusters Serpentico into Allin. Repeatedly. Moxley and Kingston are frustrated, but Serpentico is too tired to cover. Serpentico thinks better of it and brings Page in, who forearms Allin and corners him. Blind charge eats boot, however, only for Page to back body drop Allin and kick him on the way down for two. Luther back in with a big kick and backbreaker, and Serpentico is tagged in and reversed suplexed onto Allin. It gets one. Serpentico is too tired to hook the leg.

Luther back in, and he slams Allin down before telling Serpentico to go up. Luther then follows to superplex Serpentico onto Allin, but by the time they’re on the same page Allin has tagged in Kingston, who gives Chaos Project the Tower of Doom in a great spot. Kingston then machine gun chops Luther eleventy million times, until Luther finally ducks one and gets an eyerake. He walks into Backfist to the Future, and Moxley and Page are in. Moxley wants forearms, and Page obliges until Moxley gives Page a Saito suplex and lariat.

Page elbows out of another Saito attempt and gets a 540 kick and suplex throw. Page goes up, but the half-senton misses and Moxley with a running soccer kick. Kingston in with an Exploder try, with Moxley matching it with a butterfly suplex to Serpentico. Allin in, and the Coffin Drop ends it at 6:19. Total house show main event, and I mean that in the nicest way. *3/4

The whole episode flew by in about 75 minutes, which is a great thing about these shows – they get a lot into a small amount of time. There’s very little filler in here, and they manage to advance storylines (like Wingmen/Bear Country and Acclaimed/Blonds) without making it seem forced. Throw in the hype for Swole/Diamante, and AEW has really gotten into a groove packing Dark without making anything seem too much like filler. I mean, yes, there is filler, but the matches that are will only last about 2 minutes.


BELL-TO-BELL – 40:49 over eleven matches (average time 3:43)

MATCH OF THE NIGHT – Bowens/Garrison


  1. Anthony Bowens
  2. Eddie Kingston
  3. Riho
  4. JD Drake
  5. Kiera Hogan

See you tomorrow!