Blog of DOOM Daily Thread – 5th September 2021

Happy Sunday Everyone!

Having some internet issues today so I’m just shoving this up whilst it’s willing to work. AEW All Out is tonight, and I’m suitably jazzed for it. My predictions are that Omega, Lucha Bros, Jericho and Punk will win the top matches. We’ll see how many of those I got right later on. I’m not staying up to watch it because I have work first thing Monday, so I’ll be scarce around here until Monday evening.

Scheduled today in the Blog: Thomas has posted some more WWE reviews from 2007. Maffew posted a new review of UWF Fury Hour yesterday that’s worth a read. I uploaded a review of WWF Mind Games that you can find in the archives. Later on today we’ve got All Out reviews from Scott and Tommy, as well as some classic Nitro and Raw reviews from Scott.

Be careful if you’re out looking for Retro games

Have a gooden everyone!