Trademark infringements and what not

Hey Scott-

Reading your observer review about when Scott Hall went to WCW. And they mentioned him using an accent and mannerisms of Razor for cause of the lawsuit.

Where can you or do you draw the line? Aliester Black goes to AEW changes only his first name. But kind of has the supernatural thing going as before and doesn’t seem to be a problem.  So if Bray Wyatt shows up as Clay Bryant with a southern accent. Is that cool? As far as IP goes, what can you say is your property?

Unrelated note.  Do you think the eliminators, if they jumped ship at the right time. Could have been something? As a kid from Jersey at the time, ECW was amazing and I thought they were just bad ass.

Second point first:  No, John Kronus was a nutcase who people did not want in the wrestling promotions.  They would have self-destructed in weeks anywhere but ECW.  

First point second:  People who get paid WAY more than I do have spent many years arguing the question you're asking and getting paid lots of money per hour to do so.  And there's no definitive answer to it, I'm afraid.