Two different questions:

1- Do you think they are giving Miro the wrong opponent at All Out? I like Kingston and this will still be a decent match but I feel like this is a missed opportunity to use Sammy Guevara. He's got bigtime babyface heat right mow, seems on a roll
match wise, and it makes much more sense him defending his good friend Fuego del Sol than Kingston does. Also, I feel it's obvious who's winning on Sunday. At least with Sammy (if booked right), it's much more of a 50-50 chance.

2-  Watching Dynamite last night and most everyone had a great promo, IMO. Almost everyone… except Kenny Omega. Holy shit. He's a great wrestler but on the mic? Woof. Anyway, it got me thinking: has there been any other promotion where everyone
could cut a great promo except their champion/ top guy?

Thanks as always. Keep up the great work.

1.  Oh, Sammy's a good idea, I like that one.  Kingston will be fine but Sammy would have made for a banger as well.  

2.  That's what managers are for.