Impact, Indies, and Insanity: September 2, 2021

Tonight’s Impact card: Tommy Dreamer can earn an Impact Title shot if he beats Ace Austin; Josh Alexander will face an unannounced former X Division champion; Taylor Wilde, Jordynne Grace, and Rachael Ellering face Tenille Dashwood, Madison Rayne, and Kaleb Withak; Matt Cardona and Chelsea Green square off against Rohit Raju and Mahabali Shera; Decay takes on Fallah Bahh and No Way Jose; and your pre-show match is John Skyler vs. Jake Something.

College football is back!  Boise State and UCF is our ESPN Game of the Week, while Fox is showing Ohio State facing Minnesota.

CONCACAF and CONMEBOL are doing World Cup qualifiers.  Canada hosts Honduras, USA travels to El Salvador, and Brazil travels to Chile.

The FITE boys are busy piggybacking off of All Out, so after the jump, let’s see what they have in store!

All shows on FITE:

  • CHICAGO — AAW kicks us off in style as they give us Destination Chicago (tonight, 6:30PMCT)!  Fred Yehi defends the big belt against Josh Alexander (guys, I think Impact may be pre-taped this week)!  Myron Reed defends the Heritage belt against Ace Austin (like I said)!  Juice Robinson faces Steve Manders!  Daniel Garcia is next on the Davey Richards Comeback Tour!
  • DETROIT — GCW is making their way slowly to the big time, starting with Guilty Conscience (tonight, 8PMCT)!  Atticus Cogar and Eric Ryan defend the tag belts against Mance Warner and Matthew Justice!  EFFY battles Eddy Only!  Rickey Shane Page takes on Alex Colon!
  • CHICAGO — Freelance Underground wouldn’t waste the opportunity, and they’re showing there’s No Place Like Home (Friday, 7PMCT)!  GPA defends their big gold against Danhausen!  Daniel Garcia faces Laynie Luck!  Nick Gage gets his hands on Frank the Clown (albeit in tag action)!  Isaias Velasquez tears it up with Lee Moriarty!
  • HOFFMAN ESTATES, IL — Black Label Pro teams with GCW to present 3 Cups Stuffed (Friday, 11PMCT)!  Jake Something defends the big gold against EFFY!  Dirty Daddy Chris Dickinson slugs it out with Kevin Ku!  Eight-man tag sees Gage, Warner, Justice, and AJ Gray go against Warhorse, Danhausen, Warlord, and Barbarian (yes, you read that right)!  Curt “Stallion” Rogers is back in action, facing 2 Cold Scorpio!
  • STAYING IN HOFFMAN ESTATES — Black Label finishes their half of the triple-header (the math checks out) with Ground Control to Filthy Tom (Saturday, 2PMCT)!  Tom Lawlor faces Daniel Garcia!  AJ Gray meets Kevin Blackwood!  Lee Moriarty takes on Laredo Kid!  Kevin Ku faces Rohit Raju!  Killer Kelly goes against Kylie Rae!
  • FINISHING OFF HOFFMAN ESTATES — GCW ends the three-card monster with The Art Of War Games (Saturday, 8PMCT)!  It’s a 6v6 battle as Rickey Shane Page, Gregory Iron, Atticus Cogar, Eric Ryan, Bobby Beverly, and Eddy Only face Nick Gage, Mance Warner, Matthew Justice, AJ Gray, Alex Colon, and EFFY!  Meanwhile, Juventud Guerrera and Super Crazy look to turn back the clock, Tony Deppen faces Allie Katch, and Matt Cardona has an open challenge for the GCW Title!
  • CHICAGO — Prepare for All Out with EFFY’s Big Gay Brunch (Sunday, 11AMCT)!  EFFY himself will face Jake Atlas!  Veda Scott tackles Edith Surreal!  Billy Dixon and MV Young face Mance Warner and Matthew Justice!  Allie Katch tangles with the Dark Sheik!  Parrow faces Jordan Blade!

And now, your indie flashback match, and it’s a doozy: from 2004 in Indiana, Samoa Joe vs. Arik Cannon!

Bring the insanity!  And bring the good times.  And more to the point, if you find yourself on the edge of oblivion, or feeling like you contribute nothing… look, that’s 1000% false.  As Jules from WhatCulture would say, you are a legend because you are here.  Alive.  And I can guarantee you because I’ve seen it before, WE will be here for you.  Either in this forum, or in private.  Reach out.  Life will get better.

RIP Shannon Spruill.