Blog of DOOM Daily News Update – 2nd September 2021

Happy Thursday Everyone!

Dynamite wasn’t the best episode this week, but I thought they did an excellent job hyping up the pay per view and I’m looking forward to seeing it at the weekend. I’m sure Scott will share the special FITE link if you want to get it via that and help out the Blog.

Scheduled today on the Blog: We’ve got Rampage reviews from Scott and Thomas. There’s still time to read my recent 2003 ROH review if you check the archives. Jabroniville’s Dream Matches article is still up and ready for reading, whilst Logan’s recent journey into 1990 WWF was posted yesterday as well.

Now some news from Cultaholic

PAC Vs Andrade is off All-Out

That’s a shame. PAC has very little luck sometimes

Mania 38 will be a two night event

Hey, I’m on board if it means I don’t have to watch a six hour Mania event in one sitting!

Angelina Love takes shots at Dixie Carter

At this stage you need to take a ticket before laying into her I think

Hello. Bruce. You’re. Really good. At. Turning Me. On

Seriously, that dudes bottom kissing techniques are next level!

And now, some OSW Review!

Have a gooden everyone!